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  1. Hi All, just like the title says, its about crit chance mods for Shotguns. Well how should I start... Critical Deceleration received a buff that in terms of percentages is just ridiculous. It went from 48% Crit Chance to 200% Crit Chance which is more than quadroupling the potential. Also it is more than twice as strong as the non-corrupted counterpart (yeah rumors say maybe we will see a primed version of it one day (see U30.5 Patchnotes), my personal guess it will have like 155% CC). However having Critical Chance on a Shotgun Riven is just a meme right now because it barely does anything, especially on lower Dispositions. Therefore I highly suggest a buff for the Critical Chance Stat on Shotgun Rivens!
  2. Thanks Meg! 👍 Please consider giving ingame inbox message with this information to spread the news further as i guess not everyone reads forum, but this issue has a huge impact on a lot of players, i guess. Off-Topic:
  3. can we have endo as orbiter decoration? and more deco capacity? this would be awesome!
  4. thanks for spawn fix wtb orbiter capacity wtb more cool sekhara stuff
  5. wirecard

    Gun Arcanes

    yeah well... dmg isnt the problem, but i heavily agree the problem for single target weapons is that in pub mission the rest of squad will "steal" kills so you cannot maintain any buffs properly (galv scope more a problem than deadhead arcanes). what i'd find useful is a) give galv scope and deadhead the ability to also gain stacks from dot-applied-to-head-killed enemies like all the other mods n stuff do and b) instead of -recoil give them something like a small explosion or a pax seeker effect so single target weapons can make some fun again and somehow compete. recently i found myself using more or less only aoe weapons since u30.5 instead of amazing and beautiful weapons like vectis, vasto, etc.. recoil in general is not a problem since you can mod in exilus slot if reallyreally needed.
  6. Reminds me of Simpsons Movie scene when the dome gets in position over Springfield and the guy be like "I want tough guys and weak guys to make the tough guys look even more tough". That's the other option, but i think they will stay for the purpose @DarkSkysz mentioned in his Post. About the feedback and stuff... I Remember @[DE]Pablosaying on Tennocon 2021 the Teams status quo is more like adding new stuff instead of reworking and improving existing material. (Maybe I misunderstood something because EN is not my first language but I think this hits the nail.) While I respect that attitude, I have to admit I fear the Game resembles more of a patchwork than an experience coherent in itself. Although this attitude seems to be not coherent in all cases because there were quite a lot of Reworks e.g. Zephyr, Wukong, Vauban, Melee system, Gun system and so on.
  7. Hi All, dear [DE]velopers, While experimenting with Residual and Theorem Arcanes recently, I came to the conclusion that they are designed badly and therefore plain useless. I'd really like to know about the usage stats of these Arcanes. I like the idea behind, but there are way better options like Arcane Rage and Arcane Precision. The Zones created by Residual Arcanes last for 12 sec and are inflicted over distance (Unless the Player goes next to an enemy, but this contradicts the sense of using Guns). Theorem Arcanes however need 15 sec to reach their full potential (exception to Theorem Contagion). And the Player has to approach to the area in order to get the buff. This is the first design issue. Like mentioned above Arcance Rage and Arcane Precision provide same or stronger buffs more reliably than Theorem Demulcent. Second design issue: the dependancies. The Arcanes barely do anything on their own. Theorems alone are completely useless, while using only Residuals may create minimal crowd control effects, but there are better options for this purpose e.g. using Magus Lockdown. Also the area of the zone on most Residuals is too low to be actually useful, except Residual Shock zone seems okay. I have a few suggestions regarding on how to improve the issues mentioned above. In line with U30.5 the Residuals should be applicable on all types of guns, not restricted to Kitguns only. Completely remove Theorems, increase Radius of Residuals and let them buff their respective Element directly to the Weapon. Slightly increase the probability of triggering. Increase the uptime of buff, while it gets to its max much faster. I think of something like "23% chance to spawn 15m (diameter) AoE that lasts for 18sec. Enemies in the zone will suffer x (let it as is) damage of that element. Standing in the zone applies 15/s Element Damage type to the gun capped at 90% for 15sec" These suggested Changes are aimed more at Theorem Demulcent than on other Theorems, as I think their Usage tends towards zero (for Players that have access to the majority of Arcanes {sure when I got no other things to apply there, I'd also take this over nothing at all}). They will get much more Attention and Usage in this way I guess. Please let me know what You think and thank You very much for reading.
  8. Hi Guys, it is about the upcoming Unvaulting of Rhino and Nyx, whereas Rhino seems to be a somewhat reasonable choice to unvault, Nyx on the contrary ALREADY IS UNVAULTED PERMANENTLY in Empyrean Content for a while now. Imho, this is a shame when looking at other Frames much more desired by Community. When it is about the Prime Accessories only, i do not see any reason, why the Accessories should not come with another Frame (already has been done in the past iirc), or make available permanently. I'm really curious, what is the reason to Unvault an unvaulted Frame?
  9. Feels like the primary fire mode has better AoE than secondary... This whole weapon is just a desastrous disappointment. Except for the looks and sounds and stuff.
  10. Hi All, Dear DE, I will not say much about the Mods, Arcanes and Nerfs, as a lot of other people alread did so on the previos 13 Pages, but imho they are right regarding weak weapons have become even weaker while strong weapons have become even stronger and regarding "Arsenal Diversity", this whole change that came in U30.5 will tighten the list of weapons to choose. Anyway, what I find really intriguing about the "On Kill" mechanics of Mods and Arcanes: It has emphasized the aspect of any Co-op game that the individual player does not play against the "red dots on minimap"/Enemies, but rather the "blue dots on minimap" a.k.a. the team. This is to get the kills for the Buffs and maintaining them throughout the session. It leads to lots of people doing their Mission in solo-gameplay, equal to less fun and loot for everyone (unless you are in a coordinated Squad going for Resources with e.g. Khora Nekros Speednova Banshee or similar tactics you are not capable of doing when going for a random Match). The only thing where it will get more diversity is the Companion thingy, as people are not allowed anymore to wait for a smeeta affinity charm to collect their Steel- and Vitus Essence so i catched myself even before the update picking a Kubrow/Moa over a Smeeta Kavat. What I thought was a real shame: While eliminating one of the few potentially "challenging" things, unveiling Riven Mods, these Riven Ciphers are available for STEEL ESSENCE but not for RIVEN SLIVERS which would have been a meaningful choice. Imho you should just move them from Teshin to Palladino in Iron Wake and make them cost like 25 Riven slivers and leave the 1-per-week mechanic as is.
  11. TYPE: In-Game / Galvanized Scope DESCRIPTION: Descriptive Error on Player Buff bar when applied the "On Kill" conditioned Bonus. REPRODUCTION: Equip any Primary Rifle capable of Headshot-killing an enemy and kill an enemy with a headshot. EXPECTED RESULT: The On Kill bonus is displayed as "Galvanized Scope" or something similar. OBSERVED RESULT: The On Kill bonus is displayed as "Argon Scope". REPRODUCTION RATE: 100%
  12. TYPE: In-Game / Galvanized Scope DESCRIPTION: After a few kills in Simulacrum, I noticed that Galvanized Aptitude and Galvanized Chamber will be triggered if the Enemy is killed via DoT-Status Effect e.g. Slash. This does not work for Galvanized Scope, it just activates the initial critical chance 120% on Headshot. However, DoT-Effects from Headshots will not trigger the Galvanized Scope bonus critical chance. Only if the healthbar is depleted via headshot, it will give the additional stackable critical chance bonus. This is inconsistent compared to trigger type of other Galvanized Mods and gives no reason to further equip this mod. REPRODUCTION: Equip Galvanized Mods on any Primary Rifle Weapon capable of causing DoT-Effects and shoot on head of an enemy until he dies due to DoT-Status. EXPECTED RESULT: The additional bonus critical chance will be given if the enemy dies due to a DoT-Status Effect as of other Galvanized Mods do so. OBSERVED RESULT: Galvanized Chamber and Galvanized Aptitude gain their bonuses, Galvanized Scope only gets the 120% critical chance from headshot, but does not trigger the additional "on Kill" conditioned bonus. REPRODUCTION RATE: 100% when using Galvanized Scope
  13. this will bring the most of so said arsenal divide after some new meta quickly settled i guess.
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