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The game blocks your actions


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In the last hotfix, (I do not know if it has happened before), other colleagues have happened to him and recently yesterday, I began to witness it and tried to identify what causes it, but I'm not entirely sure but I think it is related to "Chat" and switching between chat windows using "Tab", the following happens:
If you are in arsenal, and you change to appearance or weapons or warframe, and you also change the chat window using "tab" the game stops working the interface, "esc" does not work for you only the things that are available with the cursor, in the arsenal menu. But once you want to go out, you are completely blocked, without being able to chat (in a great number of times that happened to me), and the main thing, you cannot move at all in the world and neither turn the camera.

If you are in the loading time to go to a mission, be it normal mission, or open world, and you use the chat or switch between windows, the same thing happens, you appear in the mission, but you cannot move, nor use the mouse, either chat.

The bug is really annoying, and out of nowhere it blocks you completely, the only solution is to close the game and start it again.

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