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Toxin clouds of Mutalist Ospreys affects defense targets (mobile defense consoles)


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Mission type: mobile defense

Enemy faction: Infested

Tileset: Corpus Outpost (others probably too, needs testing)

A while ago, when I was clearing Steel Path, I noticed that during a mission the current defense console was brought down from full health to less than 20% health while shields were fully intact. I cleared Steel Path solo, so no friendly fire from squad mates; also no radiation hazard present. Just me using a Vauban in a mobile defense mission.

Note: this means a loss of several THOUSAND hp (I don't have a screenshot, but the numbers were something like 10k hp at full health to around 2k hp after the incident); a very large amount of damage which bypassed the shields of the console.

How could this be, I wondered? Some time later, also a mobile defense against infested, I spotted the culprit: a Mutalist Osprey sprayed its toxin cloud right over the defense console.

The console was affected by the cloud and I could observe it directly starting to lose hp, while leaving its shields unharmed.

My question now is: are defense objects supposed to be procced with status effects in this manner? I never observed this before until Steel Path became a thing.

This isn't exclusive to Steel Path, during regular missions I could also see it happen.

I checked the forums, but this wasn't reported until now. I checked the Warframe wikia, and there was no mention of toxin clouds being able to affect consoles.

Should this turn out to be a feature instead of a bug, consider this post irrelevant.

EDIT: I just witnessed the same behaviour with a Nox when it died in vicinity of a defense console, so the issue is not only about Mutalist Ospreys but rather anything that can dish out toxin procs.

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