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Please allow mouse and keyboard support on ps4


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I've posted this before and it was suggested to me that it should probably be here. Please stop ignoring it DE. If the mouse and keyboard ARE SUPPORTED on the ps4 and xbox, and the game already allows minimal use of it on ps4, just do something about fully implementing the feature. If it was an accident, that's fine, but atm the feature is sitting there with potential to (NOT be an accident) or be improved upon.

(Please allow rebinding of keys on MnK on ps4. I know keyboard and mouse WORKS on ps4 but it's not possible to rebind keys to play comfortably. The ps4 already (generously) supports mnk. And there are games like cod that allow it. I just think if swapping around UI on PC is allowed, it shouldn't be difficult for ps4 to have it too, and maybe even... Xbox??? O.o? At the moment, you can move around ok with mnk but you have to break your pinky to slide, which is about 70% of the movement system. I CAN use keyboard to type faster but I feel very limited in that aspect. What a waste of a keyboard!)

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