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Deimos Fishes : Untradable or bugged?



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14 hours ago, SargionMagara said:

Just what the title says. I can look for them just fine in Equipment -> Inventory, but they aren't showing up at all in Trading Post interface. So i'm wondering here, is it just bugged out or is it because Deimos fishes being untradable is intended?

it probbily like with the last tier of deimos gems being not tradable, an have figured out what in the code has made them untradable

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4 hours ago, BeeM said:

The items you can trade got a arrowed square 🔲 in the preview/description.

I am familiar with that already, what i wanted to know is whether Deimos fishes being untradable is a bug, or being intended by the devs. Because making them untradable while allowing PoE and Orb Vallis fishes tradable just doesn't make sense to me to be honest.

Thanks for the reply though, hope that will help others that aren't familiar with it yet.

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