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Defense/Interception bug *Replicated multiple times*


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I first encountered this bug/glitch when playing on an interception mode on Earth. Later I attempted to replicate it and I have been successful every time.

This only works when the player who is host, is departing from a defense or interception.. As the host PAUSES their game and leave the menu up, the host and any players in the lobby are departing, all players remain in the level. The mission is still marked as complete, all affinity earned and rewards are retained, however the players will not return to their orbiters.

Instead, the players are locked into the level where enemies spawn rapidly, so much so that the FPS tanks. As far as I've noticed, on the grineer ship defense tile set, the elevator still moves and the enemies still focus on the cryopod. There is no HUD and players cannot respawn after dying but can still kill enemies and use abilities. 

The only remedy so far is for the players affected to quit the game application and restart... The game cannot be aborted as the mission is marked complete. 

I am more than happy to provide clips upon request.


-OhCheez MR19

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