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  1. "The Vitality Mote increases maximum Health by 300 and restores 30 health per second. Maximum health and health regeneration are affected by Ability Strength."
  2. Or you could just melee every now and then, instead of expecting the game to allow you to further cheese by continuing to only spam Khoras 1. If you're not aware, Khora already has many benefits, so you won't see DE making her even better when they're probably already planning to adjust frames that actually need it.
  3. If you go to the search bar and type 'steel path', you'll discover it's not for rotation rewards. It's simply a copy of the star chart at higher levels. It helps to know basic info before making assumptions.
  4. Every frame isn't made for one individual. It's actually quite common for individual players to lack the imagination, reflex, and muscle coordination to handle many games at a higher level anyways.
  5. All frames are useable. Every frame will have at least one ability that won't be used because game missions are situational. It's up to the player to have an ounce of imagination and know when to use each ability, and....even if reworked or adjusted....have the maturity to accept they're playing a form of entertainment, and that they're a customer taking part in a service and that humans and life isn't perfect. They'll understand sooner or later when all their genius game ideas don't come true either way. This is because sometimes players don't know what they're talking about.
  6. You would probably be the first person to ever make a slam attack loadout. Unless you mean heavy attacks?
  7. If only there was a way to lower armor.....darn! Or...even a way to group all those enemies up and get headshots on them.
  8. You're basically asking why a bartender can cut you off.. Just because you wanna waste your life doesn't mean we have to enable you.
  9. His premise was that since the new war is coming, frames need reworks so they can be able to handle it I guess. But sentients were nerfed, and the mission/quest isn't gonna be actually difficult because it's supposed to be done by everyone. The enemy level won't be over 60 probably.
  10. Yea great point I didn't even think about: This whole premise was false from the start (even though I already knew that for other reasons).
  11. I only just started getting into it, so I avoided a lot of bugs, but I actually like railjack even though I expected not to. The endo you get is great and I got 20 holokeys in 2 days. The void storm is actually gorgeous. It could use some cleaning up obviously but I was super impressed with how the space environment and design look. And FYI, you have grineer and corpus railjack which are different.
  12. It's because he doesn't nuke or buff or give an invincible defensive ability. People act like stealth is op but splash damage will kill Ivara and loki quick. They are meta and literally don't understand tactics or anything.
  13. The games doing fine. Don't expect much of that stuff to happen. They've dropped like back to back content and good stuff lately and there's plenty of people supporting the game. You're probably confusing your own burnout with what you think is the state of the entire game.
  14. Arcane guardian. Magus repair. Helminth warcry or some other enhancement. Vazarin. A healing or buffing specter. Mecha set armor bonus. A teammate to help. You can use some of these methods in the meantime instead of trying to act like dying wasn't your own fault lol. Because you're gonna be waiting a long time for a chroma rework.
  15. Why would it need to scale when it gives you automatic damage adaptation to whatever you're fighting? "Energy beams autonomously adapt their damage type to the attributes of the enemies they hit: Corrosive against armored enemies, Magnetic against shielded enemies, and Gas against enemies with infested flesh." If you can't finish an enemy off with this ability and your entire arsenal that's a you problem. Like I said, expecting to slide around grabbing energy orbs and spamming a laser that has it's current benefits and scales on top of that? I'll bet all my plat that'll never happen. Good luck though. And you can search really any nidus rework thread and see where people basically say he's fine as he is. If you're having trouble doing damage with nidus of all frames, that's a you problem. Yes, frames and weapons should be used together. That's why they probably put this in the game: "Teeming Virulence is a Warframe Augment Mod for Nidus that grants increased critical chance for Nidus' primary weapon upon hitting 4 enemies with a single use of Virulence." 4k damage with Virulence huh? "With a maxed Intensify, 15% Ability Strength rank bonus, and 100 stacks, rank-3 Virulence's total damage will be increased to: 200 × (1 + 0.15 + 0.3) × (1 + 100) = 29,290 damage." Odd.
  16. Once again: nuance. Abilities meant to CC also do damage and vice versa. Got any criteria....or just "anything that does damage" with no further research? Just throw a blanket update over everything that does damage and call it a day huh?
  17. Anything is a problem if you make one up in your head, even crafting timers. Second, everything in the game isn't meant to do damage. You're meant to gather a teammate or two and utilize each other to enhance your damage. This is why every frame doesn't have a defense dome, a healing ability, and a scaling aoe nuke....because they're not meant to. You're meant to build a team to do everything you need, because what happens when 4 players all with scaling abilities that are manipulated by strength, range, duration mods come together? They're gonna overkill like they literally already do. Do you think trinity should do more damage? Yes or no and why... Welcome to MMOs, although it doesn't seem like it....there actually is a gentle ecosystem of balance that is fragile. And it's super obvious that anyone that says "make all frames do x because 1 frame does it" is just someone that wants to be a lazy player and not have to think about their arsenal.
  18. Your erratic grammar and syntax. Trying to feign ignorance by using phrasing like "I'm not going to claim...." Basically making odd declarative passive aggressive statements lol. Just because you think you're trying to convey something in a certain manner, doesn't mean people don't actually see what you're doing lol.
  19. Video games are made by humans who are quite susceptible to this thing called life. Patience is a virtue.
  20. Nyx isn't a damage dealer. So that premise is false from the start. "Make Nyx nuke cause another frame can" isn't actual feedback. It's trying to establish juvenile cookie cutter builds.
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