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Warframe elemental resistance.


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I understand why Ember, Frost and so forth can't be immune to their respective damage types, both from a lore and mechanical perspective. For the former, having a flamethrower doesn't make you innately immune to fire, and likewise. From the mechanical perspective, it makes it even harder to know how much damage an enemy is doing to players, which is a problem since it makes satisfying encounters hard to design. 


However, I think there's an elegant solution that provides benefit, gets across the thematic results, and isn't as problematic for future design - make them immune to the procs. Similar to how Team Fortress 2's Pyro isn't immune to fire damage, but is immune to afterburn. It makes sense that someone with a built-in flamethrower is still vulnerable to overheating, but it also makes sense that they'd take steps that they can't themselves be set on fire in case of an accident. And from a gameplay perspective, it is a useful benefit. A no-cost immunity to a single status effect isn't going to move mountains or dramatically tip the scales, but it has a noticable effect. 

Some fun stuff could also be done with this, like Gauss having hot/cold proc immunity depending on where his thermal battery is (being immune to heat procs when low because he's absorbing heat, being immune to cold when high because the heat he's absorbed is a natural antifreeze).

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[Sigh]... I can see you've thought about it, but I still think it's going to be a no.

Here's a great one that I think a lot of people have missed:

In Update 27.2 DE removed stacking status procs from the player. "Players - aka Tenno - can only have a Maximum of 1 Stack on them - you cannot receive Stacked Status Effects as a player from enemies, fear not!"

So since DE have already buffed every single frame to the effect that we can't be re-proc'd and stack that damage in, it's highly unlikely that they would buff individual frames to gain further proc resistance or immunity, they've already biased it heavily in our favour.

Outside of that, here's some balance questions for you to consider:

  1. Making single element users immune to their own status effect types is heavily unbalanced because there are an abundance of enemies that will inflict the Heat status, a few that will inflict the Electric status, only one enemy faction that reliably inflicts the Toxin status, and next to nothing that inflicts Cold (since Eximus units have an AoE Slow, not a status proc).
  2. What frames do you include and exclude in that immunity? For example, Ember and Frost, yes, Saryn is known for Toxin, Volt for Electric, but what about Nezha, Gauss, Grendel, and Chroma?
  3. Do you include combined elements, and if not, why not? Since enemies frequently have units that deal combined elemental damage types, such as Viral, Corrosive, Magnetic, Blast and even Gas, shouldn't frames that deal those as their primary have some kind of resistance too? Nyx, Nova, Hildryn, Wisp and Oberon, for example, or Mag? Would this give Saryn effective status resistance to three different status types?
  4. Do you include basic elements, such as Slash, Puncture and Impact, and if not, why not? Since Banshee, Atlas, Ash, Baruuk, Excal, Garuda, Hydroid, Khora, Nidus, Octavia, Protea, Rhino, Valkyr, Vauban, Wukong and Zephyr all deal IPS damage in their abilities, why do they not get anything?

If you're going to give only some frames resistances to specific things, you need a really compelling reason why the other frames don't get something similar, and more than just 'well, one deals Heat damage, so...'

I mean, when you think about it, even among the single-element ones, it's inconsistent, because Frost may deal primarily Cold damage with his 1, 2 and 4, Ember may deal primarily Heat damage with her 1, 3 and 4, Volt may deal primarily Electric damage with his 1 and 4, buuuuut Saryn's abilities only directly deal Toxin from Molt when it explodes. Toxic Lash only applies it to her weapons, and her 1 Augment applies Corrosive, so that's not even a really stand-out function. Her 1 deals Corrosive, her 4 deals Viral, and so she loses that single-elemental status by virtue of her abilities being a way more mixed bag.

Did you know that there's a warframe that deals absolutely no damage with any of their abilities? Even Loki deals Blast damage with Radial Disarm, but there's a single frame that deals no damage with any cast, and it's Harrow. Not a single bit of damage, despite his highly sought-after mechanics.

Why does he get left out if you start doling out status resistances to frames based on their damage types?

It's just so incredibly inconsistent. It's incredibly arbitrary.

That's why I don't think it's ever going to be implemented.

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