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Impossible to enter clan-dojo! Game crashes when entering dojo


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Since the last update/patch (current: 2020. i cant enter the dojo. after select dojo - travell to - the game crashes an i got a screen freeze. only way to get out ist [crtl][alt] - kill/close app.

Normal missions and the rest of the game looks okay and there are no problems.

i have a clan mate who have the same problems and also cannot enter the dojo. Orther clan-members have no problems to enter dojo.

we have tested a few options:

- invite from dojo

- leave clan, new invite, rebuild dojo-key

- change setteings


nothing works: enter dojo = freeze screen/crash 😠


Are there other people who have this problem too?


PS: entering a other dojo (not the own) works


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having the same issue. since the nezha patch. every time i try to drydock my game goes to not responding 

recreatable every time for me. loading from test flight does it

it takes 2 to 3 minutes to finish being frozen. after the first wait it doesnt freeze again.

wont fix for squad mate at all. even if he waits probably because he gets squad dc'd and cant load to a dojo thats not his clans. 

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