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Warframe Uninstalling Itself



I need some help to understand why this happens. At least once every other month, when I get off the game and try and play the next game, I go to open it on steam, but it's greyed out. When I try and look at the files in the steam folder, they are all there, but once I open the game, it deletes all of them, and downloads the entire game again. I have terrible internet, maybe 5 mbps on average, so downloading takes an entire day. Why does this keep happening and does anyone know how I can stop it? It does it on any drive I have, whether it's an HDD or SSD, and I can't copy the game from an external hard drive since when I try it on Steam, it does the Allocating Disk Space thing, and then redownloads it, even if it discovered every file. It's super frustrating and I can't keep doing this.

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This happens because, for whatever the bloody reason, steam will magically delete warframe's appmanifest_230410.acf file in steam>steamapps folder.

I suggest you to keep a copy of the appmanifest file somewhere else, and whenever you try to play warframe, check if steam deleted the appmanifest file, and replace it if its not there.

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