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Mod: Killing Blow Bug or is this an arsenal issue?

(XBOX)x Deathcraft x

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So I spawned some corrupt heavy gunners, I already have killing Blow equipped on my redeemer. I perform 1 heavy attack dealing 1495 dmg per projectile. I go back to my arsenal, unequip & re-equip killing blow. Perform 1 heavy attack again & I deal 2783 dmg per. Test is repeatable, so the mod is inconsistent.  I'll post a video here soon.


Tested with normal tekko too, same thing, so with fresh spawned enemies no killing blow equipped. Just true steel organ shatter & normal pressure point. I hit 184 dmg with hvy attack, I try again after going back to tekko upgrade screen I don't add or removing anything. Enemies I spawned are still there, I go back & do a heavy attack for 338 dmg, no killing blow equipped. I then go back to arsenal & put killing blow on & I deal 523 dmg.

At first I thought I had to re-equip killing blow, but all I had to do was go back into the upgrade menu & back out & my dmg went to 523

Tekko - Fresh spawned enemies With Killing Blow - hvy attack 184 dmg

Next test I used the same enemies never respawned a new group.

Tekko - I go back into arsenal>upgrade menu &  back out never took off killing blow & now - hvy attack 523 dmg.




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