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Update Trumna riven



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Show us pics of ur trumna without riven...

Just with point strike it only gets to 60% cc???   So crit damage is nice but that isnt going to happen alot....  And  Hammershot gives u crit damage and status chance.

I would keep rolling...   A trum riven has to help it hit 100% cc/sc or have 90-120% multi.    Otherwise you can just get the same performance from regular mods....

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Thats mine.. A little bit of everything.

Vigil or Point Strike would probably be what I would look to replace with a riven....  If you could get the Trumna closer to 100% cc it would be truly fearsome.  

You could sacrifice your CC to make it 100% status chance.... or you could ditch status and try to make it pure crit/crit damage, Delayed Crits, Vital Sense, change the 60/60's to 90's..  

If I really wanted to crank things up I would swap vigilante armaments for Prime Bane of whatever im fighting.... grineer for mumurs? 

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