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How can I improve WF performance on my ps4?



Hi there, so I've noticed my warframe performance has really slowed down in the last year or two but I haven't changed too much with my setup, but there are some things I'm wondering could be improved.  I'm just wondering how I can get it to perform better such as faster loading between loadouts, chat, and basic selection in the UI.  It seems like everything has a bit of delay now.  Things that may or may not contribute to this are:

- I have to clear out extra junk in my inventory

-I have too many rivens and need to delete some or sell them (don't know if this actually hurts performance)

-My ship has too many decorations such as articulas (I think I have about 10ish of them in there)

-My new place is a wireless connection instead of wired ethernet

-My PS4 is simply old and tired now (got it near launch)

-The game is just big now in data size and maybe other people experience this too?


If any of this contribute to slower/worse performance of WF on console or if there are things I missed that also may contribute to this please let a fellow tenno know so I can optimize the game and clean it up a bit.


Thank you!

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