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System BANNING and KICKING Clan and Alliance members and deleting clans!


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The BloodySins and other clans in our alliance are being SYSTEMATICALLY banned from the game and kicked from our clans, with no explanation as to how or why this is happening!

Both our Clan Warlord RichBoySwagger and his second DeliciouslyWet are suffering from suddenly being banned from Warframe without reason or justification. This effected my clan The Bloody Sins, resetting the Hierarchy powers, so that all remaining officers lost the ability to manage clan actions like monitoring chat and inviting members. Yesterday I posted a support ticket asking that the clan be transferred to one of our remaining officer's accounts so we could keep managing the clan while the other issues are being looked into.

Today I went on to discover the issues are still ongoing, even escalating. Another officer in our clan, mrjone123, was banned as well and I was no longer in the clan--kicked, it seemed. But now it looks like the Clan may have been disbanded/deleted entirely--and seeing as no one in the clan even had the power to do that at this point this is very obviously someone in the system or some system procedure somehow doing this!

PLEASE AT LEAST LET US KNOW YOU'RE AWARE OF WHAT'S GOING ON AND LOOKING INTO IT! We are a large clan and Alliance of hundreds of active people who have been playing for years, this shouldn't be happening to us.

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The forums are unable to assist with account issues, including suspensions from the game.

The members in question will need to contact support by submitting a ticket as they are the only ones able to assist with this. Support will also not discuss other people's accounts with you so submitting tickets on behalf of other people is not helping resolve this.

Support: http://support.warframe.com/

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