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Please stop with the flashy UI popups for common resources


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Why do I need to have a fraction of the screen covered up every time I pick up a Ganglion or a Pustulite? You can get several hundred of them per mission, I can't walk ten meters without tripping over the things. But every single time one of these extremely common resources is picked up, a flashy, loud icon - the size of the minimap and the transmission window and almost as big as the player list - appears in the corner to tell me that I picked up an extremely common resource.

I am baffled by this decision. It was bad enough in Railjack because it's constant, but despite the feedback about that annoyance, it's now in Deimos as well? It's just UI deadzone now, it doesn't tell anybody anything useful. And you get a popup for the most common resources in the entire level, but not Pustulent Cognitive Modules or Saturated Muscle Masses. Did somebody get these the wrong way around and nobody's gotten around to fixing it?

It should be exclusively reserved for RARE pickups. Please stop cluttering the screen for no reason. There's enough of it already. Can you imagine if we got that popup for Nanospores and Ferrite? Because Railjack and Deimos resources are the equivalent, yet the game has to announce each pickup with fanfare.

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On 2020-10-10 at 12:34 AM, Izaki11 said:

I think the worst part about it definitely has to be the fact that it queues so many instances of the notification that it just goes on forever..

Yep. There is almost no instance of any regular Railjack or Deimos mission that doesn't have a popup queueing. Deimos has it almost all the time while bounties are going on, but Railjack has it literally CONSTANTLY until the very end of the mission when there's nothing left. It's so frustrating and pointless.

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