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Give some love to the acrid!


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There's 3 things I think need to be done at minimum:

  • Visual: The Acrid's darts lack any projectile effects! Arrows, throwing weapons, bolt weapons... they've all recieved an effect/trail on the projectile at some stage! Don't let my darty-boi miss out!
  • Sound: The sound is a bit weak, give it a little pop so it sounds a little less like I'm propelling these darts with a bike pump
  • Function: Can we make it automatic? Pretty please with a cherry on top?

Sincerely, someone who just decided to start putting forma's on their Acrid.

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DE loves the Acrid so much they decided to make it completely obsolete with the Hystrix

Yep think about it

takes the Acrid's gimmick of low status chance but Guaranteed toxin proc; and expands it to allow your choice of element: toxin,heat,electric, or cold

the gives the Hystrix Critical chance on top of that

as well as an Auto Trigger.

slightly higher base damage and fire rate.


It does the same thing as the Acrid yet completely outclasses it.


DE: weapon balancing? what's that?


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