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A Proposal to Rework Rathuum


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I can count on one hand how many times I've played Rathuum in the past two years (three times, today, if you were curious).  I think we can all agree that this game mode requires a re-work in order to attract players.

My thoughts are as follows:

Nightwave:  The Index shows up as a Nightwave challenge, so Rathuum should too.  Maybe have a challenge that requires a certain number of Executioner kills or Judgement Points earned, or an Elite Challenge that requires the completion of the top-level mission without dying or something similar.

Rewards:  The possible rewards for completing Rathuum are currently mostly horrible, with the most common rewards being credits and Endo that the high-level players do not really want.  Oh, the Forma Blueprint and Gold Stances are nice, but the odds of getting them to drop are so remote it's not even funny.  Adding more interesting rewards like decorations, cosmetics, or even weapons and Warframe parts like the Granum Void would go a long way to generating interest.

A Dedicated Arena:  I believe that Rathuum (and the Index) would benefit from a dedicated Arena instead of the random tileset rotation that is currently used for both Arena Modes.  It would get the players in the mood for a bloody fight if they could see the roaring crowd watching them, Gladiator-style.  Instead of a random Arena, it could be one single Arena that changes silightly every mission, adding and removing obstacles so the players never face the same configuration twice in a row.

The Executioners:  I hesitate to suggest buffing my enemies, but I do believe that some of the Executioners need to be modified a little bit in order to bring them up to level with the others.  Nothing major, just a slight tweaking on some.  Maybe some long-overdue bug-fixes.

That's all I got right now.  Anyone else want to see Rathuum get some love?

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