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October 2019 - 2020: K-Drives (& Velocipods) are still unusable.


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«Hello darkness, my old friend
I've come to report to you again»

After taking a 4-months break I returned to Warframe to check out the latest Deimos and Night of Naberus updates just to be met with an old and still persisting bug which is still in the game since at least October 5th, 2019 (as this was the first report's date). And now happens to Velocipods as well. Well, they are the same class, so no surprise. Seeing as it's actually the first anniversary for this bug, it's definitely worth to mention that this bug has never happened before until one of the October 2019 updates that rendered the K-Drive nearly unusable.

Why nearly?

Well, you see, it can practically take an infinite number of tries before the game lets the Player to board a K-Drive / Velocipod, until then the «vehicle» will automatically kick off the Player on mounting attempt. So it goes pretty much this way:

Yeeep. It can take as much time as you have patience for it

Now imagine that a simple two-action operation (Summon + Use) - as simple as bullet jumping - turns out to be one of the most anger-inducing things in the game (beating infamous Heavies' radial blast ignoring their users' state issue). Does this sound right to anyone? I doubt it does. But while it's possible to cope with NPCs, being stripped-off of one of the parts of the game that actually has valuable use and even activities (races) is definitely frustrating at the very least. Hell, out of despair (months later), I even tweeted this directly to devs with no response. Not saying they should've, but still.

Sure, I can use Archwing just fine. But what if I want to use the other vehicle that I liked when it first got introduced? The one that I now can't use without causing extra anxiety?


No, it's not tied with:

  • keybindings.
  • FPS,
  • active weapons,
  • current status (attacked or not, having status effect or not),
  • gamepad (using a KB)



Yes, it's been reported a lot over the course of the year:




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