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Fortuna spy misson bugged


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so me and my friend was on fortuna when we came across the same problem multiple times, we started the defence/missons in the open world and we could not progress through the second bounty as it keeps bugging out and doesnt allow you to hack the console, therefore always making you fail the bounty having to return to fortuna to reset 

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I had this the other day but only after you had done the mission once already...

To replicate it, start a Fortuna Bounty that requires hacking a console in the Enrichment Labs. Complete that bounty and start the same bounty again. When you reach the stage that requires hacking the console, the console is inaccessible. If the bounty is a high enough level to require lifting the shield off the console first, that will still work but the console itself cannot be interacted with.

EDIT: Just noting that this was on my PC account and not console.

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This happens way too often.

Combined with the fact that there is always some unvaulted relic that only drops in bounties (and therein only maybe once or twice an hour) it causes a lot of frustration.

While you're at it, please also look at the alarm trigger mechanism. It even triggers sometimes after the room had been nuked clear before entering.

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Just want to signal boost this, as it's still happening.

Had 2 fail on me yesterday whilst trying to knock out the nightwave for them.

The interact prompt never shows up.


- as a host

- as a squad member

- all members of a squad trying it

- in operator form / switching to and from it

- leaving the area and coming back


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