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MR 22 26 Trades, Can i get banned??



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Just now, trunks013 said:

Yeah i noticed that too this morning people with trade availed higher than their level.

Doubt you can ban but just in case dont exploit it allright ^.^ 

i already got banned this morning cuz i had negative 2k plat so i had to buy 2000 plat to unlock my account 

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3 hours ago, LucianDeRomeo said:

...On one hand I wanna know how that's even possible...on the other I know simply asking might get me labeled as a cheater lol

nope   if you buy for example prime access with 4k plat    buy something from one person with that plat     contact ur bank saying that your card got hijacked and force refund,  that plat will go negative on the person u traded with   since that plat does not exist anymore 

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