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Deimos: Arcana - Conservation Changes Megathread

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this has already been fine tuned?! I'm a little late to the party, but I'm trying to get my Avichaea so I get son tokens to level up Enrati reputation and it sucks.

I'm not one to judge quickly on non combat stuff, really. I bring patience, curiosity and everything. I'm willing! And still my experience has been awful caused by following points:


the markers on the map showing where I'm supposed to find animal traces, like most of the time I can search for ever and I won't find anything trace. I believe this might just be bugged


after having called the animal successfully, no animal is coming most of the time!? I'm searching and searching near the spot, nothing. Why can't my lure/tranq rifle acoustically signal proximity to the animal, like a beeping motion tracker? (faster beeps the nearer you get) Just for example. Is the animal even on the radar? This is frustrating.

When you're forcing players to play this unconventional content you at least have to make it accessible and polished.

e: I mean I think the Vulpofila and the other one work like expected, they approach from the direction where they answered the call from, but the Avichaea??? Just seems broken

e2: of course now I'm finding multiple. This seems to be hit and miss.

e3: great, now I got 7 common Avichea tags in the last mission alone, yet at Mother I can't rank up because it says 4/5

e4: relogged, still 4/5. Inventory says 4/5. I stood in front of mother, in "last mission results" there was 7 common Avichea tags

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Hope this the place to go regarding the new deimos infested pets imprints. Would we be able to use other mods from other breeds to our final pet with all mutagen and antigen combination, similar to how the MOAs? Would really great since they are modular pets. 

Also will the amount of included polarity slots be increased or will three always remain and randomized with each incubated pet?

Thank you. 

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This is my first post :D.


I really like open world hunting on Plains of Eidolon. I can run around cloaked with Loki (yes Loki, not Ivara) and tranq animals, makes me feel like a hunter :D, I do it even if I've maxed my standing for the day because it feels cool.


I hate hunting on Venus, the fact that there are no animals just running around really kills me. Even though no wild animals running around might be consistent with the lore on Venus, the implementation of hunting with tracking and call points just isn't fun; I don't hunt on Venus.

I hate that the tranq rifle has only three shots, a long reload, and seeeerious projectile drop - like Zarr levels of projectile drop. So hard to aim when you chase down condrocs or avicheas in your archwing.


I would like upgrades for my tranq rifle, maybe some way to level it up and make it better. It feels like it should have something, not just a few upgrades like the plasma cutter, but some customization and personalization, maybe some mods or something? You can trade tags with conservation vendors to pick up some mods for your tranq rifle. 

Put open-world animals on Venus

Potential Upgrades:

  • bigger tranq mag
  • less projectile drop
  • increased glow for creatures on aim (esp. on Deimos, the red highlights blend in with the scenery)
  • fire modes - like a firing 5 darts in a horizonal line with tight grouping
  • directional beeping for the location of animals when aiming to help you locate the direction



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On 2020-11-21 at 9:58 AM, (PSN)Mirishi949 said:

the culmination of the family entrati this weapon represents the union of this broken family With a line of additives from each member, this weapon has double functionality works as a primary weapon and as an upgraded version of the traditional sedative rifle

His blueprint is obtained from a career with Grandma and a sedative rifle is needed for its construction.

its additives come from each member of this family and are

Daughter improvements: living lens capable of automatically focusing the objectives and its essence tracker that physically manifests the smell of the prey that we are monitoring

Father upgrades: Physical increase Improved projectile speed, range and projectile damage from the void gives the ability for sedative darts to affect other enemies ignoring armor and shields

note * when acquiring the weapon upgrade it can be used as a primary weapon

improvement of the son: stealth pheromones when using the rifle it will release a pheronomas that improves our ability to hide ourselves making us more difficult to be a hostile target and less prone to reinforcements coming

only works in hunting mode

At the moment only that has occurred to me but with the original idea would come an update to improve a couple of things in the open world cycles and that I will explain later please add

I like the idea of a tranq primary!

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