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  1. KNOWN ISSUES! The Carnis Set of Mods does not correctly apply their bonuses. ----------------------------------------------- Hey Folks! The Heart of Deimos is here, and as with recent updates, we want to be able to access any issues with the new update and content as quickly as possible. If you encounter issues with any of the following topics, please reply to this thread, but read the guidelines below! This update is seeing the following new features: The Cambion Drift - a new Open World area with activities (such as mining and fishing), bounties, quests, and all sorts of new dense features. The Necrolisk - a central hub housing the Entrati Syndicate, as well as the Necraloids who serve them. Necramechs - A new armored suit to stomp the infested with! With a whole suite of new mods and weapons, this new system is another layer of power for your game. The Helminth System - A late-game method of unlocking additional power customization options for your Warframe! Xaku: the Broken Warframe - newly arriving with the Heart of Deimos, Xaku is the collection of three other lost Warframes, brought together as a fragmented conduit of Void power. New Reinforcements - New guns, new cosmetics, new goodies! BEST PRACTICES Include a video or a screenshot if possible! Visual references can help direct us to issues faster than without them. Steps to recreate the bug, if known. Again, this is to help us locate the issue faster. If you saw the Warframe Crash Handler and got a WAR number (looks like this: WAR-1234567) then add it to your post. Also please be sure to be as descriptive as possible in the Crash Handler's comment box! USE THIS FORMAT TO SUBMIT YOUR BUGS! TYPE: [Launcher, In-Game, Chat, etc.] DESCRIPTION: [Tell us what you were doing when the bug occurred. Details here are helpful] VISUAL: [This is where you would add your screenshot or video] REPRODUCTION: [Tell us how we can replicate this bug, if known] EXPECTED RESULT: [Tell us what you think should have happened, ex: “I should have drawn my weapon”] OBSERVED RESULT: [What actually happened, ex: “I went into a T-Pose”] REPRODUCTION RATE: [How often it happens when you try to reproduce it, ex: “It only happens half the time / when I am crouching / when using Hydroid.”] Let us know what you find, and please make sure to keep your posts constructive and civil. The better and closer to this format you follow, the easier it is for us to find these bugs and fix them! If you do not have a bug, and simply want to leave feedback on some aspect of the new Heart of Deimos update, please do not use this thread, and use one of the feedback threads over on the feedback forum!
  2. Hey Tenno, With this last update, we wanted to explain a change that was made in more detail: We have retired some older (2008) 8-Bit rendering technology with this latest Hotfix, mostly because it provided little in regards to performance increases, but added a lot of detriment. This means that using Autoexposure and HDR settings are the way forward from now on. This means that some of you using the old technology may have lowered your brightness settings to compensate for the light, and so the game seems abnormally dark. If you are seeing this issue, please go to your Display settings and reset your brightness to match the new setup. Apologies for the confusion this may have caused!
  3. WARNING: THIS THREAD MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS If you have feedback on The Deadlock Protocol quest, please leave it here. You may discuss anything in regards to mechanics, but we ask that if you are going to talk anything that may be a spoiler, you utilize the Spoiler function in the bar above: If you have feedback to leave on the subject of The Deadlock Protocol Quest, then please do so in this thread. Please remember that you should keep your feedback constructive and civil. If you like an aspect of the quest, tell us what you like. If you do not like an aspect, then tell us why, and what you would change to make it better! Please bear in mind this is not a place to leave bugs you discover while playing. If you do need to report a bug, please use The Deadlock Protocol: Bug Report Megathread Thank you!
  4. Greetings, Tenno. We have seen a few requests lately, specifically requesting that we provide a list of software that we do and do not allow to run in conjunction with Warframe. While it is understood that some software is good and others are inherently bad or designed to assist cheating, there are some cases where software falls in gray areas. The reason for this post is to have an updated reference about our policy on external, third-party software, and the potential pitfalls of using such software in conjunction with Warframe. The simple, golden rule is this; If you use external software in conjunction with Warframe, then you do so at your own risk. While we could technically issue blanket bans on everything that alters the game files, the fact of the matter is that there's some software that can be useful and helpful for members of our community. This is where context is very important. The difficulty here is that it's incredibly hard for players to prove that they are not using a program nefariously, and while it is certainly possible that there are false positives (which a ticket to support can resolve), the ban will remain in place until your ticket can be processed. This leads into why a list is not provided. If you have a piece of Macro software that is normally tolerated, but is then discovered to be the source of a future exploit, that software may get added to a ban list, and you could potentially be caught up in the automatic drag net. As stated above, there is no easy way to prove that the software used is benign. Bans for altering game files, cheating and / or exploiting Warframe are hefty and final. Our stance on using such software is firm, and appealing against that ban is very difficult if we have reason to believe that you have been using said software for cheating, exploiting, or AFK farming. The only way you can reliably, 100% avoid a ban for using external software is to simply not use it. Again, if you take anything away from this post, it should be this; If you use external software in conjunction with Warframe, then you do so at your own risk.
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