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Why can't I do the new iso vaults?



Every time I try, it tells me I have to complete the isolation vault. I've completed the tier 3 vaults several times now, but it STILL tells me I have to finish the vault, blocking me from actually doing the new ones.

Also. Did they mess with necramech weakpoints on the sly, or something? Octavia's hammer no longer works on anything other than the shields. When invisible they still pinpoint you and slaughter you when they shouldn't be able to see you. And the weak point doesn't even work 99% of my shots. It's the glowing spot between the shoulder blades, isn't it? Because I was getting damage by shooting the skull from the front (rarely), the damaged areas after you blow off the arms (about 1 shot in 10), and almost never in the back spot I used to one shot them in.

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1 minute ago, Slayer-. said:

Short answer:

You have to do all three isolation vaults then you can do the new Bounties, all while staying out in Cambion Drift without going back to the Necralisk.

Don't have to do all 3, you can do 1, then so the new tier 1 bounty. Do 2 and do the tier 2 bounty etc.

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