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  1. Click on Support Desk at the top of the forums or click here only submit one ticket or it will take longer for DE to process. Once you have logged into the Support Desk click on Submit a request, top right of the page near your name, on the new window click My Account and fill in all the details in each box, under the Category option pick Account is Banned/Suspended
  2. Have you tried my suggestion from my above post to see if it works for you.
  3. Yeah I'm MR 29 and have built multiple pets over time and Eggs are just so easy to get, they're are just a thing I do when on Earth I blow everything up and collect the lot. :P Yes it is a pity we cannot just given away, I don't helping out new players.
  4. I use Kappa on Sedna if you have it unlocked, Grineer and best infinity overall for time and the XP gain from Grineer kills for ranking up. Spy Missions. Locations There are a total of 15 Spy Missions Planet Mission Name Faction Level Tileset Earth Cambria Grineer 2 - 4 Grineer Forest Venus Unda Corpus 4 - 6 Cor
  5. Just do Sabotage, Exterminate, or Capture you'll get them drop DO NOT BUY THEM FROM MARKET, it's a ripoff. I have 160 spare, hell if they were tradable I'd give you some if I was on XBox. Do not buy them.
  6. @eisKripp Here is a map of which mothers you can go to for the Vault near them you might find a favourite one. You may have found this Map already doing your Google run. As far as Scintillant, I've given up getting them and just do the Vaults, if I see them a bonus if not I don't care. I've built all I needed for there use and still only have 13 spares, so RNG sort of sucks at times. I do them in the order (looking at the picture) far right, far left, then the middle one, the reason is the 2nd stage is the easiest on the third Vault given the level of view to cover it all e
  7. It works, I just did it. Even with all my blockers running I could get it. Thanks @Lewitas
  8. Say WHAT! wow, I'm guessing the reporter hasn't seen Octavia dance in a provocative manner with the right emoticon picked. If it's Warframe content unaltered and not a Photo-Shopped image to look sexually explicit/suggestive, I don't see a problem. Though the mods do have the final say. PM me the picture I'm curious now.
  9. You're at the same placeholder as myself 14,998, just waiting on warframes and weapons to cap it out.
  10. I never would of thought when I first starting playing I'd be 14000k away from MR30, with all the content and new stuff coming it's now doable and I'll enjoy the extras we will get, now to hope the MR test isn't buggy. High MR just means we don't have a life and really enjoy the game well that's me anyway.
  11. I posted this picture in our discord on April 29th 2020 so I guess looking at the Next Wave In 364 Days on the picture should roughly be around the worked out return time, (roughly) though with Covid-19 and other factors who really has a clue now except DE.
  12. What myself and @master_of_destiny were talking about was it didn't originally show as crafted when hovered over.
  13. I'm hoping it helped, nothing like a game crash that destroys your playtime because you need to hunt down the problem which pulls you away from said game time.
  14. Thanks, I hadn't got around to testing what you have done. I thought DE would have learned by now, they had that problem with Nightwave cred items not showing crafted after building (now fixed) because of being a BP, to now follow it up with another new event and not have it set to show as crafted/owned is bad planning. Edit: I just looked at it now in Daugther it's showing as Crafted, I'm sure it didn't at event start. hmm
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