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  1. I fully endorse this post. 🙂 Atlas Prime with his number one skill made into an Exalted weapon like Ivara's Artemis Bow and call them Fists of Fury that way we wouldn't need to mod out our melee weapons for Atlas, we could just mod the Exalted weapon Fists of Fury. 😉😉😉
  2. Yes it could but you'd have to see them first. 😛 Anyone else getting bad RNG with the sorties, last few weeks it's rewards go between Sculpture Endo, Sculpture Endo, Sculpture Endo, doing the sortie is getting frustrating with that constant reward, I'm MR 27 I don't need endo, others in my circle are also getting the same, before the last few weeks it was good rotating through the differing rewards I'm just going to put it down to bad cycle run. edit: Got a riven doing tonights sortie, hope the bad run is broken. 🙂
  3. Yep I still use it as well, I have a lot of kept weapons I use for fun.
  4. I should have said it never needs reloading you fire as much as you want, some new players may not have access to pizza pods yet or to carrier with that mod, I was letting the op know, I cant see their MR rank being on PS4
  5. The Redeemer Prime when you shoot it will not break Ivara's Prowl skill (3) and on Loki their is the augment mod call Hushed Invisibility from the Syndicates: Arbiters of Hexis and Red Veil cost 25000, my Redeemer Prime kills anything I point it at and 100+ enemies might at times take two shots and the best part is you only need 1 forma to make Redeemer awesome, I have two forma because on my riven which also takes it out to 100% status, the other best part of the Redeemer is it never runs out of ammo and can kill groups of enemies. The Destreza Prime with a berserker build only needs 2 forma to make it good so all up two good weapons for stuff all investment.
  6. If I don't want to mess around with her I just take Mesa and the Ignis Wraith for the spinning discs, makes it quick.
  7. I'm the same I'm MR 27 and like messing with unique fun weapons as well, some weapons players find to be stupid or lack firepower. It gets boring going into everything with a Meta gun.
  8. It's awesome to see it work in CC mode with this mod also equipped Spring Loaded Blade on it radius is insane. I also use it with the zakti or pox sometimes to increase the elements on the enemies to ramp up the damage of Condition Overload. From the Wiki  Condition Overload does affect the disc's damage output.
  9. The zenistar disc can wipe out level 100+ enemy and if you use with Ivara you can guide it around the map slowing down to kill a group then move on to next, also using it with Mirage you can put out 5 discs while you clones are active, once they expire the disc drops back to one disc, if you recast your clones and throw out the disc the one disc will be replaced with 4 discs, so imo the zenistar is an awesome weapon I use it a lot 🙂. The Zenith is fun to play with but I like the zenistar better and also when the disc is out the damage type of the handle changes read up here on the Zenistar and it in itself can kill quite easily so you sort of have two weapons in one. 🙂 edit: To add I use the Cleaving Whirlwind stance to cut back on the animation time it dribbles through to throw it. I also run Primed Reach (makes the disc larger) and Primed Fury and Condition overload as Mandatory mods if you don't have the Primed ones the normal mods will do the job.
  10. You can only have the camera looking over the right or left shoulder with each press of 'H' you are not able to have it in the middle behind your head.
  11. For now a simpler answer would be to go into Orb Vallis with a friend who has a built board and get them to stand on their board and highlight the locations for you to go to then once close enough you'll see them, I had to do that with a friend he could not see the races on the map with default board. Or you could go to this link K-Drive Race Map scroll down past Fish Locations and Rewards you'll see today's races and go to the location then you'll see the race start point and can do them, though I'm not sure if it's the same for your Nintendo Switch platform going by your avatar description.
  12. I know what you mean about the it's hard to move because you're not use to the different view. Though it can be a handy option to know your camera button (H 'reverse camera' in your options) you can use it to your advantage to shoot round corners so to speak if you're at a door and enemy coming from right move camera to left shoulder and you take less hits and see more to shoot rather than sticking out further and copping hits.
  13. I had this event finished solo and bought everything I didn't already have (didn't need mods already had multiples) the ones here complaining about the water gun have you not played it in real life and realise the less charged pressure you have in the water gun the less accurate it is, also learn to shoot, playing *insert platform* games is about working out the lead of the target the drop Garesh is the only one in there you have to go that little bit extra to get him to beat, the rest are water sponges, I guess the ones complaining want a gun that shoots straight as a laser and never needs pumping, I liked the event yes it was grindy before the hotfix, with the hotfix it switches it to easy mode with the side dish if you play CO-OP you'll get ya m8's stealing all your kills 😛. Players want more pearls it's sad instead of wasting time in here posting get into it and farm them pearls it's a fun change from the everyday Warframe slog and I appreciated the developers for throwing it out there for us to play for free.
  14. Also to be able to call up the enemy in the Dog Day Scene/capture and use said water gun as some fun. Or make it so it's sort of an arena as well and we have to fight them in it with normal guns.
  15. I don't play conclave, I now do this event solo and under this new system can come out with around 75 pearls and for a good run 80+ I know what you mean by others watching to see if enemies are wounded and get the easy finish. lol
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