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  1. I see the moon now once I turned up the mode of the monitor. Apart from the Derelict what was the other one you missed. Edit: Was it Mercury? that one in the front.
  2. Oh ok the blue coin is Lua, damn I was hoping it would be the actual thing not some silly coin. Edit: I see you updated your post to reflect the rest of the Sculptures. 🙂
  3. This player ArxMeta is missing only one the Moon, you're missing the Derelict and the Moon.
  4. Get back out there Tenno, your're not finished yet. You are missing two to finish the set. 😉
  5. P.S get a Life. 😛 Thought I was bad at living in this game. Congrats by the way. 😉 Edit: Forgot to ask what sort of numbers you got up to for the Steel Essence after doing all of that, given it's random for everyone I'm curious at your end count, minus Lua.
  6. Like it should, counts as Spam. No context. Nobody knows what you want. ? Maybe BCFing Fun might have more context.
  7. Though if you want to get to that juicy 12x combo faster use melee first then whipclaw, then go crazy with whipclaw, also equip the mod for whipclaw it gives you extra damage to the whip.
  8. It's just changing to a new format with new content included with most of the ones who were in the partner program reapplying to be in it, not to much is changing more is being added, the new format at a guess will weed out any deadwood I'd say. Look at this video Brozime explains it better.
  9. That sucks, Is colour correction on, mine was already on but it was another setting mentioned to check.
  10. Ok sorry my bad not normally like that when I post. Might be time to update video card or computer if it's in the budget, I updated to only a newer video card for $400 and I didn't think Warframe could look any better. I Went from two GTX670's in SLI to a GTX 1660 super gaming OC, I'm still on my old Windows 7Ultimate 64 bit with a i5 cpu 16gig ram that runs everything flatout.
  11. Try looking at my above post before posting it's only two above yours, I'd say you are having the same problem. Effects Intensity slider changed my world. 🙂
  12. Could be the Warframe as well try a different one see if it slows down, I notice with rhino it's a single shot but with others it's two, might just be a coincidence. Edit: I use a Rubico for the limbs with the new mod that cuts back the zoom to 50% and keep the zoom bonus.
  13. You might have a speed mod on it that if you hold the button that millisecond longer will fire two, I do it all the time but have to hit the button really quick to fire one, my stance is Bullet Dance.
  14. Speaking of bots, I'd say your post will be locked soon once a Mod/admin gets a ping ding or whatever they receive when a word is in the Bot filter. 🙂 Edit: Thank you for the info.
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