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  1. Thank you for the optimization leaving Fortuna elevator to Orb Vallis my FPS only drops around 3FPS for a second or two then back to normal with no stutter. Hope the void healing can be fixed this fast as well. Mention here. p.s It seems so far it's only in Orb Vallis I cannot heal my sentinal, just started a mission on (Exta, Ceres) as a test I void dash through it and it works, so something is off with the Vallis though I'm still testing.
  2. I have the same problem, can heal everything but MY sentinal. 😞 Thanks for the fast hotfixes trying to fix things, really hope void heal gets looked at.
  3. Need to fix the healing of our sentinals by our focus school skills please, it's still random if we try to heal our sentinals by void dashing through them with the Vazarin school, host or client doesn't seem to matter, works sometimes then others it's useless and frustrating. p,s How do we do a channeled kill now that we cannot hold down our fire button with melee equipped to kill and enemy so the body disappears.
  4. You are told the area where the cave is if you listen to the AI, I started it by exploring inside the deck and clicked on a console panel, (by mistake haha) I had no idea how to fight the Exploiter Orb so I listened to the AI that tells you what to do in each step, I'm 54 and an old gamer from way back and I worked it out players need to listen and explore areas, I also beat it first time with no prior know how of the fight. 😀
  5. If you can access it as bounty from outside it'll still be the same they'll join then do their own thing anyway. 😁 I bypass Fortuna like the plague anyway because of the elevator ride, I only use it if I have to, I'd rather skip it if I can, every hotfix Fortuna gets laggy if I have to access the Orb Vallis via the Fotuna elevator my FPS drops to around 8 FPs and it stutters like crazy until I can move away from the elevator. 😞 I see healing our sentinals is hit and miss depending on if your the host or client, really frustrating to have to drop HP pods to heal it when we have vazarin school and are unable to void dash through the poor little thing. 🙂
  6. Glad I could help, congrats on hitting MR 27.
  7. Equip each K-Drive and go outside and get some quick points on them it should fix the not showing mastered in profile, then rinse and repeat for the others, I had one of mine broken not showing MR'd and that method worked for my board. edit: It also fixed the boards I was ranking up that showed no rank in profile until I did this method.
  8. Exodia Contaigon, which is specific to only a Zaw weapon, I was not aware of your other melee issues as I'm not having a single problem I can see so far fingers crossed.
  9. It still works. How to throw your Zaw after the new melee changes. You still do your double jump like you always did and instead of hitting the melee key to throw hold your right mouse button down and then hit the melee key, I thought the same but did some testing and worked out how to throw a zaw with Exodia Contaigon. edit: CoffeeElemental I quoted and replied to AvPCelticPredator's post before I got to the end of the thread to see you did as well, such is life. 😐
  10. Yes, mines broken as well, can heal everything except the sentinal.
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