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  1. They're built Forma, it saves time if you've been drained with all these 5 Forma monsters of late, it gives your Forma Foundry production line time to catch up.
  2. Sailor Moon style? No thanks, though some would like it.
  3. Don't know about the stone, must be a new meta thing some player saw in a youtube stream I'm guessing. Thats why I stopped with the pub squads they're to whiny it's like they're planning a WOW raid, ffs just do a Leroy Jenkins and go do it. This BS of wanting to go into Cetus to pick the next one, PEOPLE we have god damn tents now learn to use them. In my video on previous page I'm not using any power ups or special loadouts and get it done in a reasonable timeframe.
  4. I'm stockpiling forma for the last of the Tenet melee weapons and any future surprises, getting forma from relics suck with my RNG. I don't get leechers in solo, except one mate, which I don't mind, I do 99.9% of PS solo, it's quicker than joining a pub squad, well the few I've been in. I find doing solo runs means I can control the environment and my system seems to work. Yes I suck at wormhole placement.
  5. Hope you get it sorted out. 👍 Also only submit one ticket on this issue, if you submit more than one it will mess up previous tickets and DE may even just close them all. It can take a while for DE to get back to you depending on how busy the Staff are so be patient.
  6. If you've ranked some normal weapons to rank 30 and Lich weapons to rank 40 from the pile not done yet then I'd contact DE and get them to sort it out sounds like a bug. -------------------------- Here is the info you'll need to contact them. Missing Mastery. Go to this link https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=47340 Under Subject* Provide a brief description of your issue, as an example. Missing Mastery from my Weapons. Under Description* explain what happened. Under Category* select Mastery or Experience You may have to login into the helpdesk before seeing the above maybe.
  7. It could be a bug, but try ranking up one normal weapon to level 30, or a Lich weapon to level 40 see what happens.
  8. You have a lot of items not at level 30 and the Lich weapons are only at 38 and not 40.
  9. You have 28 items in your profile that are at the last little bit of ranking them to 30 you need to do. Rank one of them or two of them depending on the level they're at and you'll be able to do your MR 22 test. Edit: To add go to your profile click EQUIPMENT and leave it on the infinity symbol ALL, then over on the right choose SORT BY: PROGRESS go almost to the bottom until you see the end of what you have been working on, that is what you need to finish off for a quick mastery fix.
  10. Nothing worse than those insta bubbles, makes me do this if I have the wrong Warframe equipped on a high mission level just to get outside their range. Most times I just enter the bubble and shootem in the face.
  11. There is no incursion mission into UR Uranus today on PC, Steel Path, if it is even that mission node.
  12. Hell NO! I wouldn't be able to see a screen that small, I'll stick to my 24" monitor thanks.
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