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  1. Also Atlas can prevent knock downs.
  2. That won't be hard to do, it'll just take time, pity the ones who have done heaps of Sentient Anomaly runs don't get a handful to start with, though getting one guaranteed at each mission end is good. 🙂
  3. Yes you can, it's useless imo not sure why or what it will be used for in the future, not sure of the keybind now I moved it damn annoying in the heat of battle to hit it.
  4. I remember the collar everytime I see the blueprint part of it in my foundry.
  5. I got lucky ages ago with mine, at the time I got it I traded one of my many Rhino Prime's I had spare for the Dual Kamas Prime, in my book it was an awesome trade. Interesting weapon to use as well.
  6. I find explosive damage works on it. you need to be right up it's rear or in the direction shooting into the engine ports.
  7. Quoted for truth, plus saves me typing the same thing. 🙂
  8. Ah sorry my bad, I see now the post times are the same. As mentioned by above poster they are the only ones for pistols. outside of Arcane Velocity. They still work I tested them in my simulacrum against level 170 before posting and yep still tearing the enemy a new one.
  9. Don't worry you are not the only one to notice, I already made that point. It's an awesome sword when used correctly and not just as a fingernail cleaner. 😛
  10. You didn't read my post at a guess yes pistol arcanes on the warframe effects Titania's Dex Pixia.
  11. Arcane Velocity on the warframe effects Titania's Dex Pixia the same as they affect Mesa's 4th ability.
  12. Two more formas on it for MR rank and you'll be able to put any config setup on it. Depending on your play style this suggestion, I'd swap the stance mod back to Cleaving Whirlwind imo it has a very powerful combo on it called Broken Bull that with melee 3.0 is even easier to do.
  13. No problem, I use ore gaze to do scans when the sentinel dies in missions, my Helios is fully worked but the scaling damage in game it doesn't last long and even worse in Railjack.
  14. You could also try Atlas with the Ore Gaze augment equipped. it's how I've been doing all the enemy railjack scans, also makes it easy to kill them while standing still for 20 seconds
  15. Maybe with Nova they want to slow the Hemocyte down as the heads open up, which you can also do with the focus school zenerich by slapping the Hemocytes big toe. 😛 Revenant not sure about. Me and the m8 just use two Rhinos and stack the roar with over a minute of duration and big power strength, the heads come off really fast for all of them when they open up and say die, when do the mixer we load 4x4 to get the four Hemocytes in the final fight, saves time more reward.
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