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  1. I just want them to fix the interior colour scheme, I'm sick of it changing it everytime I board my Railjack so I've taken to resetting it to my colours before going out, look DE if I want bright green I'll set bright green from my the off white interior I use, thought about asking DE for a Kermit skin for my Warframe. lol Being a smaller ship maybe we wont get that mini map teleporter covered by that hideous big menu. I hope we don't get our Primed/Animal Instincts shrunken again with the smaller ship, though it shouldn't be that hard to find that last lonely little Grineer fella hi
  2. You cannot sell it, it's impossible. Re look in your Inventory and search for apothic. Also untick ONLY SELLABLE you may have hidden it. Edit: Welcome to the forums, remember have fun in game it's not a race to the finish line. Edit: You could only sell it before this date below, DE stopped blueprints from being sellable. Hotfix: The Silver Grove 4 August 25th, 2016 Forum Post Fixed Apothic blueprints being sellable.
  3. I just hope in the end that it doesn't make my fully decked out Railjack weaker. I'm just going to sit back and see how it's integrated, I love Railjack, I spent hour upon hours in space.
  4. Damn I hate this invent the wheel each time we got our Railjack up to where we like it. I had mine ready before the mode dropped took awhile to get it to a flying fortress, I open it up now and then to help out new players. This change sounds like it'll force more solo play if I'm understanding it.
  5. Sort of sounds like a form of Arbitration and Drones but with Captains with a little extra on top added in.
  6. RIP my flying fortress, you will be a shadow of your former self, BUT WAIT, I'll just fly my railjack solo that'll fix all the unequipped randos holding you back, SPACEGHOST we get to to fly off once again fully tanked up and armed to the teeth. Why DE why do you hate us so that you force us not to COOP with these changes.
  7. Yeah supports your best course of action. Don't be concerned about your post just sitting around, a mod will be along soon to lock it up nice and snug. ⏳
  8. DE mentioned in the stream they will be looking in the stances to remove stagger on the enemies from what I gathered, it was early I had to get out of bed to watch it. 😴
  9. Mine actually worked for a change, I got the email when I went to the Relay to see what baro'load of stuff had brought. This may or may not help, for those who have trouble make sure while viewing the stream to have an active Chat window mode running/showing, I got caught out with an earlier drop I was viewing the stream in a different window view in my installed version of Twitch.
  10. Same, I'm also setting an alarm just to get up for it, damn Twitch for changing the system.
  11. Just thought I'd add it, it's been a pain for a lot of players in the past and some still don't know they need to leave their orbiter, which is a silly way of doing it. :| --------------------------------------------------- I'm hating what Twitch has done by forcing this on DE, I've never had a problem with drops for years and all of a sudden I have to now get up and and start the stream when in the past I could leave it running and get the drop then when I wake up I still watch stream regardless while having breakfast, just because I'm in a timezone that 95% of the time is no
  12. The Devs will not respond to you in here, this is the Community Stream Schedule thread go post it in the hotfix section.
  13. Go to your Dojo or do a mission, then it will show the email, YES it's bloody stupid how we have to leave our orbiter to get it to the final step.
  14. what do you think about octavia prime? I'll let you know when RNG stops being a tool. Not sure about a wheel from the old disco ball, saw one in the sorti tonight, I'll get use to it I guess when I get it.
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