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Dark Sector Ten Zero is recruiting. All researchable stuff is done; excess resource value exists in the clan's vault.

(XBOX)Der Ablehnen

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As the Founding Warlord and player of around 6 years, I've spent time stocking-up the clan vault supply to cover any future research and decoration costs. We currently are a Shadow tier with under 20 members. Clan tier can be increased if need be. There are two rules established: Be respectful to clanmates and don't go 100 days without logging-in or playing. 

We have a decent sized alliance comprised of multiple clans as well. 

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No resources required other than credits to replicate blueprints of equipment and gear as there's currently no option available under hierarchy settings to use clan credits to cover those personal costs, and there's no clan trade tax. No resources required of individuals other than for progress on their own profiles. 

It's pretty lax, with members getting on at different times, playing for different intervals, at different stages in their gameplay. We have zero limitations on Mastery Rank requirements. I'm an MR 30, we have members below MR 10, in their 20's, etc.

It's not a tight-nit, well connected collective, so it's not the most social. Being at 20 members, much of the social network comes from having an alliance. How useful of a social network it becomes is up to members building that network, becoming it.

As founder and being at a different point in the game than a lot of other players [being caught up on everything until new updates, getting caught up on said update related content; having things upgraded well beyond what's required for most content] I don't mind offering some insight, build ideas, references to information, some guidance, but I do try to avoid 'beating things for others.' I don't mind maintaining supply of clan resources, trading what I can, providing useful information, joining in on something like a Kuva Survival, Arbitration, a resource farm on The Steel Path, some relic and void fissure farms (excluding excavations for void fissures,) or a Sortie here and there. I'm typically on a solo connection and doing something along those lines.  At the time of posting, I'm still working on getting the 4th and 6th bounty rewards for the Isolation Vault missions [3 normal, 3 Arcana.]

Dojo construction is pretty well set, though some rooms can be decorated by Sage rank and above members. The lower floor has all of the clan halls and research labs, as well as the barracks and Duelling Room. The midfloor has garden pre-set theme rooms, and the third floor has the Dry Dock, some Ludoplexes, The Obstacle Course, The Custom Obstacle Course, and the Navigation & Equipment/Observatory. 

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As per the note of researchable stuff--Solar Rail research is still off-bounds, unresearchable. Dark Sector competition between clans is a no-go during armistice, so specters are earned through Rescue missions and no Solar Rails can be deployed to Dark Sectors. 



Dragon/Vault keys are available.

Rescue mission reward specifics to get specters:

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