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Tuning down the Acceltra's effects





Is there anything in the options menu to tune down the acceltra's explosions AND the screenshake they cause?

So, I've been wondering for a while. The acceltra. I think pretty much everyone here knows that weapon. Fires explosive projectiles at a high firerate, it's become a very "meta" weapon, so to speak. And ever since I found my first Acceltra, I've had issues with it. Namely, the explosion's visual effects. In other words, both the explosion effect and the screen shake that it causes.
More than once I've been fired at by an Acceltra, usually because I'm in the middle of a large'ish group of enemies. If you've been in my position, you probably know what my complaint is going to be about. Otherwise, let me explain what happens:

Explosions. Filling the screen. Top to bottom. I see two colors. White, and whatever other color has been given to the weapon. Sometimes, I see black,. Not sure why, I'm guessing it has to do with the lighting FX going bananas, or my PC not being able to handle however many explosion effects at once. And funnily enough, I almost prefer when the screen goes black, because I don't have to deal with the other visual effect.

The screen shake.

Jesus H mother of (f)uck it is disorienting to the point of being genuinely sickening. I get that whenever there's an explosion, the camera is going to shake a little, to represent the force of the impact. I don't think DE accounted for what the Acceltra can do to the camera. I don't think I can describe the results as anything other than a veritable, in-game stroke.

And it only gets infinitely worse when there's either multiple players with an Acceltra, or a Mirage using Hall of Mirrors.

I've had to Alt+f4 mid missions because I was feeling genuinely nauseous at times. Which leads me to ask: Are there any options, in the options menu, to turn down the Acceltra's VFX?
I'm not asking for the weapon to be touched in any way. At least not if I can do something on my end to make sure this sort of (s)hit stops happening.
And if I can't, then I would URGE DE to add something like that to the options menu. I do know that Battleborn had a slider that allowed people to adjust the size/opacity of its VFX, and considering Acceltra, and the stories I've heard about early Bramma crashing games, I feel like DE should strongly consider implementing something along those lines.

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