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Riven mods VALUE bugged (inventory/chat(weapon))


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Good afternoon,

A few moments ago I realized a bug on riven mods when I was making a deal to sell it.














The values on the inventory are different from the ones when linked on chat or equipped on weapon.

I attached the images of ignis visican (the one I sold) and asktilleto riven mod. On ignis riven the difference is not huge, but on asktilleto one the difference is gigantic.


Which one is the real value? That change the value of a riven a lot in some cases, as the damage the weapon does depending on the real value.

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It's not a bug.

Different versions of weapons have different riven dispositions. When rivens are linked I think the stats for the base versions are displayed and not the prime or other versions of the weapon. If you click on a linked riven there will be an icon in the lower right side, you can click on that to show the stats for each version of the weapon you own. 

The Ignis is .60 and Ignis Wraith is slightly lower at .55.

Same goes for Akstilletto .90 and Akstilleto Prime is .60

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