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  1. I don't think this huge update would be ready soon. They are working from Home and going to office to record "motion capture" and sound, If I remember correctly from last dev stream. It is quite complicated, and DE want to realease this update in every platform simultaneously. I would not expect new war for 4-6 more. But who knows, this friday, on DEV stream DE will explain more about new war update, or they should. Maybe we get some duviri news too, but I expect less from this last one.
  2. I do not read the entire patch notes, only the general parts. If warframe is a videogame, you should be playing and receive the information ingame, as you receive it with halloween and easter objects, that It is said ingame "temporary available", and I'm not sure if that is said with this ephemera. 1 pearl is a low amount, but this event is boring and you must be 5 minutes competing with other people to make the final hit on the enemies to get the extra pearl, or playing alone and avoid getting hitted after you kill some of them. In this case, 1 pearl is around 2% of the reward after 5 minutes, but 1 credit of 2000 credits(or even more), it is less than 0.05% of the reward of a normal mission. So it is, at least 4 times more expensive than credits cost for the other items.
  3. If I knew that, I would have never spent 1 pearl in that moment. I bought It to have in the inventory. At least, only deactivate so we don't have to buy It again next year.
  4. I prefer the unique type of drops. So you can get all 5 drops, 1 of each.
  5. maybe, normal loki comes with prime gaming rewards with loki skin, not twitch drop.... Check It first, if It wasn't with that, then contact support.
  6. Este tipo de set de armadura: "latron", sólo tiene la hombrera izquierda, desafortunadamente. Lo mismo pasa con la elixis latron, la que se consigue con inaros prime a traves de unas misiones que compras a baro.
  7. For vastilok and loki prime, check that you have those drops in your twitch inventory: https://www.twitch.tv/drops/inventory Then, contact support, unless DE find a bug related with drops 2.0, you won't solve it here, unluckily.
  8. Support need about 10 days to answer. Firstly, I suppose you have activated drop 2.0, as DE repreated many times since February. Secondly, have you clicked on "claim" button in drops tab? Weapon should have been claimed before tennolive and loki during tennolive. Third, but It should be the first one, twitch sometimes log out some sessions after a few months and you have to log in again, have you check you were logged in? Unless, It could just be DE, a tons of bugs there.
  9. I had the same issue, and I was wondering if it was like this for gunblades or a bug....not I know it is a bug
  10. I tried everything and nothing. I do not use random passwords as chrome/firefox propose, I prefer to create my own passwords with that criteria.
  11. TY, but I can't create a crucial account, unluckily. Anybody else has an error with password criteria?
  12. Zenith is the one suppose to use to spawn sister. I'm glad to hear that you found the correct coin and being able to spawn sisters :)
  13. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Granum_Crown Is nightmare the light blue coin?
  14. You are those nice guys :) that expose their ideas and write arguments when exposing your ideas, that I appreciate a lot. Refering to the "slotmachine" It was just to bypass the granum void part. The example I wanted to expose is: In this case, you get the codex entry and decoration for the coin you use, but you are right, having this system for a bigger one It won't be nice for "game's health". I started using pluto node and It is more confortable that phobos one, thanks so much. Related with sisters, right now It is more regarded going in group to get hound parts, as you also get from your allies sister, something I dissagree a bit, but It has a good point to farm faster and reward more people going in groups. Related with brainstorming part, as you have pointed well that players feedback is necessary in free2play games, having a feedback ideas subforum would be really nice, as I don't think DE should read general subforum. Finally, I would like to express my gratitud for your time spent wirting this message :). I appreciate so much.
  15. Using a zenith coin and reach first stage out of 3. Then, It should appear after a few seconds. Some people above this thread discovered me the capture node in pluto, that I forgot It was a good capture to get zenith coin, as I used to play the phobos node for granum farm and then I started sister farm there too. If you can't create a sister, let me 5 minutes to enter the game and I can help you.
  16. After finishing that round, I went again and being able to use the 3 requiems and then he went to RJ, but It was bugged in the second state in that mission only
  17. After page 5 you are suppose to talk with ventkids, try just going to fortuna and see if you can finish the quest.
  18. It is recent or you have never been able to trade in dojo? It sometimes just get bugged and leaving the game and entering again solves it.
  19. I should have written 'some' instead of 'a lot of'. I just wanted to give my point of view and some feelings not experience people could feel when doing granum void to get a sister in group. Probably the worst thing I found here, and I thought I would never find again after using LOL forums, was people that thing forums opinion should represent their opinion.....but apart from that, there are a lot of people that expose their disagreement NICELY. And related with weapons level, more than having level 40, It could be easier to find opinion of having sisters and liches weapons with level 30 instead of 40. But this game is free to play and the easier way to have this game alive is with formas, inventory space and deluxe skins; so level 40 weapons are necessary.
  20. I can do that alone, but exposing a problem a lot of people could have related with granum void and how sisters are farmed, doesn't matter compared to a systems that is unfair.
  21. I've never seen hate bp yet.
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