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  1. maybe, normal loki comes with prime gaming rewards with loki skin, not twitch drop.... Check It first, if It wasn't with that, then contact support.
  2. Este tipo de set de armadura: "latron", sólo tiene la hombrera izquierda, desafortunadamente. Lo mismo pasa con la elixis latron, la que se consigue con inaros prime a traves de unas misiones que compras a baro.
  3. For vastilok and loki prime, check that you have those drops in your twitch inventory: https://www.twitch.tv/drops/inventory Then, contact support, unless DE find a bug related with drops 2.0, you won't solve it here, unluckily.
  4. Support need about 10 days to answer. Firstly, I suppose you have activated drop 2.0, as DE repreated many times since February. Secondly, have you clicked on "claim" button in drops tab? Weapon should have been claimed before tennolive and loki during tennolive. Third, but It should be the first one, twitch sometimes log out some sessions after a few months and you have to log in again, have you check you were logged in? Unless, It could just be DE, a tons of bugs there.
  5. I had the same issue, and I was wondering if it was like this for gunblades or a bug....not I know it is a bug
  6. I tried everything and nothing. I do not use random passwords as chrome/firefox propose, I prefer to create my own passwords with that criteria.
  7. TY, but I can't create a crucial account, unluckily. Anybody else has an error with password criteria?
  8. Zenith is the one suppose to use to spawn sister. I'm glad to hear that you found the correct coin and being able to spawn sisters :)
  9. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Granum_Crown Is nightmare the light blue coin?
  10. You are those nice guys :) that expose their ideas and write arguments when exposing your ideas, that I appreciate a lot. Refering to the "slotmachine" It was just to bypass the granum void part. The example I wanted to expose is: In this case, you get the codex entry and decoration for the coin you use, but you are right, having this system for a bigger one It won't be nice for "game's health". I started using pluto node and It is more confortable that phobos one, thanks so much. Related with sisters, right now It is more regarded going in group to get hound parts, as you also get from your allies sister, something I dissagree a bit, but It has a good point to farm faster and reward more people going in groups. Related with brainstorming part, as you have pointed well that players feedback is necessary in free2play games, having a feedback ideas subforum would be really nice, as I don't think DE should read general subforum. Finally, I would like to express my gratitud for your time spent wirting this message :). I appreciate so much.
  11. Using a zenith coin and reach first stage out of 3. Then, It should appear after a few seconds. Some people above this thread discovered me the capture node in pluto, that I forgot It was a good capture to get zenith coin, as I used to play the phobos node for granum farm and then I started sister farm there too. If you can't create a sister, let me 5 minutes to enter the game and I can help you.
  12. After finishing that round, I went again and being able to use the 3 requiems and then he went to RJ, but It was bugged in the second state in that mission only
  13. After page 5 you are suppose to talk with ventkids, try just going to fortuna and see if you can finish the quest.
  14. It is recent or you have never been able to trade in dojo? It sometimes just get bugged and leaving the game and entering again solves it.
  15. I should have written 'some' instead of 'a lot of'. I just wanted to give my point of view and some feelings not experience people could feel when doing granum void to get a sister in group. Probably the worst thing I found here, and I thought I would never find again after using LOL forums, was people that thing forums opinion should represent their opinion.....but apart from that, there are a lot of people that expose their disagreement NICELY. And related with weapons level, more than having level 40, It could be easier to find opinion of having sisters and liches weapons with level 30 instead of 40. But this game is free to play and the easier way to have this game alive is with formas, inventory space and deluxe skins; so level 40 weapons are necessary.
  16. I can do that alone, but exposing a problem a lot of people could have related with granum void and how sisters are farmed, doesn't matter compared to a systems that is unfair.
  17. I've never seen hate bp yet.
  18. I don't like kuva larva either, but It is easier and faster that sister system. Kuva larva can be done in less than 1:30 or even under 60 seconds in capture mission. Due to granum void nature, you will have to spend more time than grineer one. Granum void+treasurer+capture. So 30 seconds or more from granum void+60 capture mission + treasurer to get coin back (30-210 seconds, as 90 are already counted) =So around 120-300 seconds to when a sister compared to 60-90 lich. It is not hard to spawn a sister, I think I have not said that, I just said that the actual system is unfair. If you go to granum void, you will still try to get the most amount of resources possible to avoid going again or get some platinum selling weapon parts. I wanted to have another way to find our requiems, not to change, as many players like the actual system. I also appreciate that the systems became easier and less boring to do. The idea I'm exposing I already have it before sisters of parvus granum, but never exposed until yesterday. Adding just a few things of sortie and nightmare would not make it enough harder, It was just an idea to make it harder. The actual idea I had for the last few months involves; 1.- No waypoints, so you have to explore every zone to find out the mission 2.- More than a type of mission (a combination): having some spy and then it converts to defense that console while that information is sent to ordis, so It can figures it out and tell you the requiem or different type of combinations 3.- No resurrection available, as arbitrations. So it becomes harder. 4.-Solo mode, so any mistake can make you loose that mission 5.-High level and extra conditions as radiation, cold...... so you have to prepare a bit before going to that mission. 6.-Maybe a single console won't give you the information for 1 requiem, but only a part of it (bigger than old murmurs and similar to the new amount). 6.-2. In spy one, you will have to due more than one without cyphers, while enemies will still explore the zone if you have destroyed a camera of any enemy has spotted you. If that happens, timer will start but at lower timer, 15 secons, for example. If you weren't able to extract all the information from that console, you will have to get out of the mission while enemy start coming with harder enemies as eximus (or even new ones) and sabotage conditions. 6.-3, In a different way, when you make it succesfull, you can have the option to sabotage that ship (if it was a ship mission) and get an extra bonus by doing that. 7.- Related with the point of having more than a type of mission, after the spy one, you may have to find the main ship console to hack It and being able to send that encrypted information to ordis as spy zone was only to bypass the firewall, and then the mission becomes a defense one. 7.-1 So, you can control the time needed for each requiem by exploring different type of missions at the same time 7.-2 Furthermore, doing some part in silence or making noise, can make the mission easier or harder and change the amount of a timer or blocking any way to get any information if enemies destroy the crucial information and you have to go directly to the exit without any progress as that type of mission required to kill enemies without setting alarms on.
  19. I was playing a mission and a hound took my weapon. I couldn't take It back before other guy killed It, and then my weapon dissapeared from the ground. As you can see, it is no longer in my back and I don't get more affinity on my cedo.
  20. That is why I express the idea to have a different way to find out requiems that doesn't involve murmurs. The idea of having a different way to lich system, that is similar, but simple, to Nemesis system in Shadow of Mordor; would express better the idea of having YOUR lich, better than going 4 against any lich and its murmurs. And furthermore, how is it possible to find a requiem of your lich by killing others murmurs? (as a Lore question)
  21. XD At least this update is not as broken as RJ rework. There a lot visual bugs that doesn't affect the actual gameplay, but there are others critical as always. Hope this time they can fix those before next patch, that It should be at the end of this month, 2 weeks after tennocon. There is a good change with valence fusion, that you should be able to choose the element of the weapon, but I have to try It to confirm the change.
  22. English is not my native language and I may express without the correct words. Maybe I should have said INDIVIDUAL instead of solo, that could be better to express the personal thing a lich should be. Many of you have said: "just play in the actual solo mode", and I could, but murmur system is boring and It doesn't explain why you find the requiem mode just killing those enemies. Furthermore, expressing your ideas in a mocked way to get the easy applause from other people, that are agree with you and how the actual systmes works, denotes how you are.
  23. I know that I can do any mission in solo and It is what I do to get kuva weapon. But my point It is not doing solo murmurs things, that are a bit boring for me and in SOLO mode there are lower number of murmurs in the same missions, or at least It used to be.... I do not play so much that game mode. And also, I proposed a second option for other type of players to find requiem combinations by doing HARD missions (for you boring) and the actual murmur system. My entire post was around the fact that liches are supose to be your nemeses, and how the actual systems doesn't feel like It. The actual update, that It should be released with kuva liches, makes the lich system much better than before, making you to fight in RJ against the lich, but It has nothing special (only removing 3 parazon parts). And the mission, It was just an example of what It could be. It might be harder adding elemental zones in the map based on lich element; so toxin would create toxin clouds...or something like that; but I know that a co-op game needs that component in farming.
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