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  1. I don't know if changing Railjack modding will be welcome. Right now, you can build you railjack as you want with different mods and reactor. I can understand the change on forge for revolite, but, how that will change the engineer role? New railjack modding, will It change the HP/armor/shield each player see on railjack?-It has no sense on It. What will happen with railjack armaments? Originally, railjack was supposed to be different with normal modding, so adding forma systems, along with level system on railjack; how that will affect the system with reactor/shield/engin
  2. Contact support with your problem, and they will say what happened to It.
  3. Firstly, apart from the bug that doesn't allowed us to join fortuna through orbiter of syndicate console and neither profit taker inside fortuna; as the only way to enter fortuna was joining orb vallis and the finishing the mission in the elevator. I was trying to get the last 10 familiar debts on the profit taker orb mission for the floof, as the timer says 54 minutes remaining (If I were lucky with squads doing in 5 minutes and 1 familiar debt on ticket exchange, this one appeared around 20:40 GMT+1, so I could have got the last reward in extremis) After that I tri
  4. Part 3/4 of Phase 4 has a time of 5 minutes, It is really rare that you can take down the other shields and 2/3 of health before you activate the timer.
  5. I have completed a profit taker after this one in 15 minutes, so maybe It is just that profit taker didn't wake up after first time defeating the shileds (cause 6 minutes is not enough time to complete profit taker.)
  6. (One of these 2 similar screenshot was made with F6 to collect data) I wanted to farm familial bonds with profit taker instead of normal missions, but It is still completly broken after 2-3 years. We defeated the profit taker, but It was marked as failed. How can be able to fail a mission of assesination when you defeat the marked enemy????
  7. I think you can still get the syndana, but if you want to get rewards in both accounts, you can have 2 Twitch accounts (I'm not sure what twitch EULA says about having 2 account, with different emails off course), and link each account to 1 different twitch account.
  8. Twitch account MUST be linked to you PS account. Then, in your case, both rewars were added to your PC account.
  9. You have to redeem the rewards manually https://www.twitch.tv/drops/inventory
  10. If you have enable 2FA, there are 2 possible problems when trying to trade a few seconds after: 1.-You activated while in the dojo you will trade, and you still can't. 1.2.-Extract and enter the dojo again. 1.3.- Close the game and launch again If nothing above resolves the problem. 2.-Contact support.
  11. That is up to you. I prefer farming normal warframe. On 6 months, Harrow prime will arrive.
  12. Category: Virtual Valentines Getting "arrow" heartbroken when bowing
  13. And she will enter the vault when octavia prime arrives (and her 2 weapons: stradavar prime and tipedo prime) She was released on March 2019.
  14. No. There are only a few weapons always available: orthos, lex, burston, braton, fang...
  15. The only thing warframe.market does is to put in contact 2 people between them, as you can do ingame chat, among all riven sellers and buyers. It is just a tool to create a market, similar to WOW market, but not instantely. You can request to buy or find a seller, and you contact him ingame (you can send him a message throught warframe.market) and the trade is INGAME. This is not like CSGO shops/exchange where you give your weapon to a third party to sell and buy from.....this is just a tool to find sellers and buyers faster than ingame chat. YOu pust you sell request,
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