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  1. Athodai will be exclusive for a while. Probably in 6 months-1 year, Baro will bring that weapon as other many weapons that was exclusive of event. I regret more about the exclusive cosmetics, that wont probably come again, and we should have reiceived and DE isn't working on a fix.
  2. I've watched the tennocon, participated correctly on tennotrivia, sent a message (twice) to DE support team and TODAY (more than a month later), I have received an email saying that they can't do anything to solve that problem. I have watched on the forums that I'm not alone with tennotrivia problems after all these weeks. Let me know how It is impossible to check with an image of tennotrivia results and you internal list where you can see if It is true or not that a specific Warframe account is linked with the Twitch account shown on the image...
  3. They have cleaned their hands. I have received a message today saying that they won't sent more messages and they won't wont do anything else: "Please note that we're unable to provide the rewards for players who were unable to receive the email after the final batch was sent out."
  4. lhardy

    Stadistics bugs

    A few days ago I reported this bug with shwaak prism. Now It happened to granmu and gaze too. I have gaze mastered, but on primary weapon section It shows like I've never level it up.
  5. After finishing an invasion mission, the host left and the menu ang navigation get bugged.
  6. Why have you changed the extra extanding we get when we level up the mastery level?
  7. Bug with Fass residue on mission resume. After the mission had finished, I can see everything I got. But, after skiping that screen If I go to the menu and I click 'last mission results', Fass residue doesn't appear: (In the previous summary It was after Sly Tag). Furthemore, In this case, I got 20 fass residue, that I think It's the max anyone can get in a run; I'm not sure if that could be interesting to know and fix this bug.
  8. 1st bug: I can entere a railjack mission with scrap 2nd bug: after the mission finished and we start travelling to another mission, It fails telling me that I must 'scrap wreckage', the It lost connection and I LOST everything (affinity, objects, etc) Railjack update was in December 2019, and there are still a lot of critical bugs. If we spend 10 minutes farming (with or without booster), It would be nice to get those resources. Futhermore, It is really inconsistent that It exists a statistics of missions failed, when almost 90% of the mission failed by any player
  9. I was doing the corpus invasion mission, and the portal is bugged.
  10. When I was doing necramech mission alone (cause server haven't found more people to create a group for 10 minutes); I completed the first mission and when I were going to the 2nd mission; the bounty FAILED while I was throwing the residue.
  11. In isolation vaults, if host leave while doing the last stage at 3/4; the game get bugged.
  12. You (DE) reduced, in some topics, the space for messages to 70% of the Screen. It is really unconfortable to read those messages right now.
  13. Upload image to imgur and copy the right link in your message
  14. I thought it was caused from the bait (vome) and found something cool. Now I know It was caused from other thing. I thought It was caused from vome bait cause the message only appeared when I was stood on the vome bait.
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