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  1. I do not normally farm steel essence, and I take always from the ground, but each acolyte fives 2 SE....when you have picked up, have you received 16 or 32 SE?
  2. Eso no creo que sea cosa de warframe. Hay sitios que limitan que funciones de internet pueden usar los clientes que acceden a esas redes: residencias, universidades, empresas, etc..... Puedes intentar usar una VPN y cambiar la IP.
  3. Unbelievable, what could be next? a pigeon for making its necessities in the road?
  4. He won't get rewards if he is afk and does nothing. You will eventually find people afk in base if he has a low spec PC and needs a lot of time to load, and he might have forgot about It if he is doing something else while loading the game. You will also may find this if you someone forces to start a mission with someone afk in orbiter at the end of the last mission. Different is the situation that the other guy travel to the end zone and stays there doing nothing, if that is the case, you can try reporting him, but you dont know if he is with some of your squadmates in a grou
  5. lhardy


    Start saying that. So the bug starts when the mission forces you to build revenant when you already have it. It would be nice that you make a capture of your actual quest progress, for example, on orbiter console, and post it here (you need another web like imgur to upload the image and then post the link here). DE should allow people to complete the quest if they had already bought revenant.
  6. What type of bug?? Warframe has a lot of bug, creating a post saying: "warframe has a lot of bugs, solve it pls", won't solve any question about the bug indeed.
  7. There is a warframe feature I don't like that is what you comment. When you forma a weapon, the total xp of that weapon/warframe is reseted. You will see how It increase once you reach that xp amount again. It is a piece of s*** that feature, but It is what It is.
  8. Contact support https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us
  9. It only pops up when mission has finished and loaded orbiter, as always. Then, you are right that it doesn't show the exact rewards, but the last one should be endo: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Exterminate/Rewards#Lua
  10. On the right die of the container, there is a hole with a invisible wall collision.....It has no sense to have a collision block there...
  11. Having around 40/80 bugs every months is not nice....come on
  12. Console was in front of him, and he got bugged.
  13. When you glass a maniac on tyl regor mission, he doesn't dissapear for a long time when he becomes invulnerable and makes the mission be slower than It already is.
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