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  1. When I started the contract and I were going to enter the zone to find more players the game stucked in the first door. For some reason, the game joined me in a squad before I enter the correct zone to find more player doing that mission. At that moment, also, the game decided to explain me the story of the mission, when It shouldn't, because I already done it a few times and If I want to hear again, I can talk with konzu. You can see that It is the first door and I joing a squad and Konzu is telling the story.
  2. When I tried to use k-drive while infested were attacking me, my warframe bugged and I started falling down in the map. I were able to use /unstuck to came back to the mission but I appeared in the underground parts of the map instead of the zone I was in that moment.
  3. I bug I encountered on 10th january but i forgot to right down here.https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CH_7XrBYXYLlOGBDg5asS5KBt_ZWqIfh/view?usp=sharing For some reason, in one mission with not too much lag, apparently as steam tool, the one to see fps and ping, indicated; when I exit the forge and I use the 4rth ability of Volt in any part of railjack, I came back to the forge. If I dont remember bad, I wasn't able to use the forge correctly in that mission.
  4. I think that is only visual. It happened to me a lot of times when I came buck to liset. Check if any of the resources that you remember to get and you can compare with the one before. Like shedu parts, foe example. That is something you know the amount of them you have.
  5. After a host migration while I was using guns, the game got bugged and I couldn't do nothing more that aborting mission. I'm finding more bugs than in Christmas.
  6. Slingshot bug after trying to use slingshot, game collapsed and I appeared 20k m from rj After trying to enter to the asteorid Hangar, the game got bugged I tried to use omni tool to go back rj ship, but I get stacked and go back to asteorid hangar after a few seconds and then the game decided to take me out of the crew and migrate hostage But, as a new release appeared; I lost all the resources and I couldn't even have the possibility to try myself the mission.
  7. I think this bug occurred me after trying to brado a crewship.
  8. The 2 warlords hadn't connected for a few months. I know that I can change the clan for other, but this one is special for me. The warlord helped me a lot when I started playing warframe and I feel really confort in It, even if we are only 3 people of those who we were at the beggining. I also talked with members of my alliance to change clan if the warlord doesn't connect in the next few weeks. And also, I prefer to enter a clan that speaks my native language, so I will more confortable on It.
  9. Which door is bugged? If it is the one to enter the crewship, you can use railjack's slingshot to enter on a crewship.
  10. My clan haven't built the dry dock yet and I dont have the credits required to build railjack parts. I want to build my own railjack, and I want to collect good parts for It, so I don't have to start on earth collecting mk1 or sigma weapons from dojo.
  11. I had read in some part of the forum that is a maximum amount of avionics (or whatever is this), but I can't acces dry dock nor railjack, cause is not built yet in my clan. Is there anyway to see those part and scrap the worst myself. It is unlucky to loose some possible good weapons if I don't know how the system works.
  12. I think that average cipher time to solve the cipher is also wrong. I think in my case was 10 secons, and now It shows 6 seconds.
  13. Have you team tried to go back dojo?? When I were In a mission, that happened to someone that was dead when we finish last mission and we accesed other one. We needed to go back dojo, but I'm not sure if the other player were able to go back dojo, but I think he could.
  14. @[DE]BearFor some reason, I were able to take the railjack as host from other warframe user. So, before I continue explaining the bug, It is IMPORTANT to know that I don't have the dry dock built, nor railjack due to last thing too. So, I did a mission being the host. When I clicked to go to dojo to finish the mission, I enter an infinite loading screen loop, because I can't enter my dry dock's clan (It is not built). When I'm writing this topic, I have spent around 10 minutes in that loop. As I can't check if I had received the lavan mk1 mod for railjack to see if there is a bug with rewards (I think I can check if I play other mission and I check intrinsecs while I'm doing the next mission), you can check on database and see If It is necessary to solve more problems or not. I can't exit the mission while I'm in the infinite loop because It says I had just completed XD(sorry to send the bug in spanish, I can't exit the game and reproduce the bug in english).
  15. I think I had reported this bug a few months ago or 3 years ago, I can't remember. This bug is really anoying. If I do a mission with some people and those people force to enter another mission when I didn't exit from the last mission, I get the next CRITICAL bug. I first see the last mission rewards while I'm in other one (picture 1). If I click on a teammate profile, I get the bug. As you can see on 2nd picture, you can see on the top side that 2 people selected to start the mission and the circle of countdown. In that moment, if I try to use ESCAPE key, the game doesn't work. If I try to see other teammate profile to see if this problem solve, the bar on the top part dissapear and I can't do nothing, even I tried to see if /unstuck command do something with thise, but nothing happened. Added to this problem, if my teammate finish the mission (sortie one), I don't receive rewards as you can see on picture 4, but at least, the sortie mission is not marked as solved (picture 5).
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