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Revenant Suggestions


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Recently started playing this "immortal" boy a bit more and decided to share some inputs that might make him a bit more fun or user friendly.

His 2nd ability needs a visual cue (I know I blabber a ton about wf's visual language, but it's no unwarrant). More specifically when the ability is about to run out (or it's on) - an vfx effect that shows that - or it's about to run out of charges - will be of immense help and good quality of life change.

Now you need to pay attention all the time to the bottom right UI and pay attention to numbers. That's not very convinient when there is a huge amount of enemies and action going on non-stop, live and death situation at every corner and time is of the essence. You want to be focused on that, not in numbers at the corner of your screen. A lot of other frames can and should use similar aproeach to situations like those.

His 4th while "good" looking feels a tad bit too clunky to use. Can you please consider the option to allow it to jump up once? Nothing fancy or crazy. Sometime you just get stuck on stuff and activate-reactivate for just one small pebble is annoying. Simple jump up to make traversing while "spinning and winning" will be great!

On this matter, everytime I deactivate the 4th (ulty) my frame gets from sprinting to walk cycle. On an even bigger matter, this happens quite often on other places in wf. You interact with someone to let's say talk - sprinting before - end of convo - walking after. Get to foundry/mods etc - same, interact with pet - same. Cut-scene/loading new place - same. Plenty of those. I really wish when I pressed that run cycle to stay in sprint for as long as I need to - preferably for eternity. This might be a bit more wider in scale and must have a reason to happen - maybe bugs - but is a change that I think plenty if not everyone will welcome.



- 2nd ability needs visual cue that it's active, it's about to run out so you don't stare at the bottom corcner of UI screen (many other frames do so as well) and die stupid deaths.

- Simple jump up once for 4th ability while you spin to ease traversal of environment and not getting stuck as much.

- If you are sprinting and use 4th, after you cancel/it ends, you are in walk cycle. it's very annoying! It happens with other wf's stuff in general as well - sprinting -> interact -> back to walking. Let me sprint for as long as I want to sprint!



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Inb4 a certain someone shows up to say Revenant is garbage and needs to be deleted, because they just don't like their theme.


Mesmer Skin already has a visual cue to tell you it's active. If you look closely, Revenant gets ghostly tendrils around the shoulders and emits a ghostly fog while he has charges still active. A warning cue that it's running out wouldn't hurt, but I suppose shield gating is a good enough warning since it should give you enough time to recast before you die. If it doesn't, I recommend picking up a mod that improves cast speed.

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Well thread is more about polishing or further improving and general quality of life changes than - nerf - this, buff - this, Shiity/broken wf debates.


Too bad it's barely visible on TV Pizzarugi. I'll assume it's a bit better on monitor. Still this is one of the deeply rooted underlying issues with wf's visual language. If it's there and doesn't function well enough, why it's there in the first place or don't cut it good enough. On the bright side, some adjustments to the effect might turn into actual functional cue - just don't make it hazy, transperant vague I know you like stuff like that devs :P. What's left is to add an extra vfx on - let's say 1 charge left. Or make it on 3 stages/charges left with intensity that increses the less charges left.


Shield gate is not enough for base speed of cast animation - as you know Rev is somewhat sluggish frame. I did put Natural Talent no worries :P. I still think there is a slight opening but it's much better.

DrivaMain, you sure about Grendel? I do plan on making a thread with some suggestions about him, so maybe soon tm. Yet to focus more of my attention on Thralls. Mostly use it for distraction so not all the dmg goes to me - so not making armies. That part can sure use a bit more polish in the visual aspect of it as well. Thralls are not as instantly distinguished as actual non-enemies/Revenant controlled enemies. That's why a lot of your teammates just obliterate everything.


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