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Cannot colour the right half of the emissive or energy on any appearance option

(XBOX)La Vampress

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So I have been dealing with a problem that happens to my warframes, their syandana, attachments, regalia, or any weapons. When you forma them, their emissive and energy split into two and you can colour each half. I cannot colour the right half of any of it. It’s all warframes, their cosmetics, and weapons. I play on Xbox One but I use Keyboard and Mouse

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On 2020-12-10 at 4:27 PM, (XBOX)Lady Omnii said:

colour the right half

It might just be finicky to get the game to select the second color, it certainly is on PC :P

Try holding your cursor still on (the middle of) the color box for a second or two, that usually helps on my end.

If that does nothing, I guess try with a controller real quick to see if it's a mouse-on-console issue by any chance.

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