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NSW Octavia Prime: Hotfix #2


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Now that Operation: Orphix Venom has concluded on consoles, Lavos/Cedo and their parts can now be purchased from Father’s Wares for Entrati Standing:

  • Lavos Blueprint: Rank 2 - Acquaintance 
  • Lavos Chassis/Neuroptics/Systems: Rank 3 - Associate 
  • Cedo Blueprint: Rank 4 - Friend
  • Cedo Barrel/Receiver/Stock: Rank 5 - Family


  • Replaced the Pangolin Prime Blueprint with the Pangolin Prime Handle in the Axi C6 Relic.
    • This was always the intention but was missed!


  • Fixed Tenora Prime asking for the wrong item when unlocking the Exilus slot.
  • Fixed the Aristei Prime Shawzin not being available as an instrument choice for the Shawzin Emote, if you used it as an Orbiter Decoration.
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DE please fix the bugs involving mandachord with new prime and i hope the modern octavia isn't bugged but check it too, and bugged vallis (Orb vallis) cause there have been numerous bug claims on these problems and not of which have been address please fix before launching the railjack update or at least apply it in the railjack update. Please they are making players not want to play the game me included and not just because my schedule is jam packed as it is.

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