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Why Zephyr isn't my main, when i really want her to be.


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My main problems with Zephyr preventing her to be my main:

Tail Wind keeps inertia and momentum when i cast it slightly upwards or straight up and hit a wall/ceiling. When i hit a wall or ceiling, Zephyr sustains movement energy and continues to "move" in pointed direction even if there's an obstacle, preventing me from moving until energy is dissipated. She should STOP when she BONKs her head. It happens so often, when i want to dash upward and hit some bulging debris or piece of set and get stuck there, waiting for ability to stop working.


Airburst's pulling ability should be stronger. Although they made it to have a duration, it still mostly just makes enemies fall in direction of where projectile landed. It seems like when they fall, ground for them is turned into coarse sandpaper with immeasurable force of friction, which prevents them from sliding into epicenter of ability. I saw a corrupted butcher and wanted to pull him in, i used Aribust in 10 meters from him 5 times in a row, at first he fell and then across all of 5 ability usages he barely passed 2 meters before dying from damage, i also wasn't spamming it. This ability needs to be ether slightly powerful in suction, or enemies should launch to epicenter at slight arch, or enemies should be more slippery.


And The Tornado. First, when i cast stationary tornadoes in closed quarters i notice some times enemies AI stop moving before they reach the radius of suction and just stand there, gazing on hostile winds. They just stop and do nothing. Tornadoes also doing bad job at pulling enemies from below, like if it spins near the edge of stairs that goes down, enemy can stand point blank to it without being bothered at all.

Second, random Tornadoes. They too random! They can appear in front of you, or on enemies straight behind you. And they move so erratically, like you have a group of enemies spread in front of you, you cast it - one goes at left side of the group, second on small group in a distance to the right, third to one foe behind you just walking into the room. And they pull few guys in and go wander to their important windy business elsewhere, but not on battle field where enemies are. I get that it's like an uncontrollable force of nature, but come on, it's a warframe's ability. By making random tornadoes home on closest unaffected enemy this ability will become so much better.


And for the last but not least, Zephyr absolutely deserves a triple jump. Like you gave it to Chroma, why? Cause guy has aesthetic wings, like he's some dragon? Well Zephyr has whole thematic of flight and air mobility, so please consider.

In high sight, very good rework, AWESOME skins. Enjoying to play her, but all this finicky stuff mentioned above makes me tilted.

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Definitely gotta agree with Oni though I'll add that imo the animations for her 1 are incredibly dated and static they just look awkward to actually look at. Also her 3 could use a grace period long enough so we can recast safely. I mean Nezha gets it for his tanking ability so why shouldn't Zephyr? 

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