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  1. As always, great to see you listened to the community's feedback! /s
  2. This should be in the Grineer Chem Lab. Saying it deserves to be in the Ventkids lab because you can ride it is a really poor excuse. It's nothing like a K-Drive.
  3. A while back you reworked the Corpus ship tileset, and with it we got this god-awful Corpus Defense tileset. DE, look. Nobody likes this tileset. Nobody wants to play it. You must know that, as it's been complained about constantly since it was introduced, and your internal stats likely corroborate this. It's the single worst mission type + map combination in the game, with the horribly large map, multiple layers, obstacles everywhere, and terrible AI that spawns ten miles away from the objective and takes an eternity to reach it. It takes forever and is no fun to play. Obviously the ideal solution would be for you to rework the tileset. But I get it, you put a lot of work into making it and you were proud of how it looks. You don't want to throw away that work. Fine. But could you at least stop trying to force us to play it? Nobody (or almost nobody) is playing this by choice. We're playing it because you force us to with Railjack missions, and you also force us to with Gift of the Lotus alerts. It seems like every single time you do Gift of the Lotus alerts, it's always this god-awful map! Why every single time? We have plenty of other mission types, and if it has to be Defense, then we have plenty of other Defense maps. Why not use the Hydron Defense map for example? Please just chill and lay off this awful map. Thanks.
  4. Could you please let us stack polarities in the same slot? If we Forma a slot with a V polarity, and then Forma the same slot later with a D polarity, it should end up as V+D. Any V mod or D mod should be compatible in the slot. This change would be a massive enhancement to player convenience and build diversity, without losing you Forma sales as Forma would still be needed for each desired polarity. It might even increase your Forma sales as people would be able to use more builds.
  5. +1. I fully agree with OP and have had the same experience.
  6. I'll have to wait and try this out to see how it actually affects damage in practice. Currently the weapon is weak, so thanks for attempting to buff it. You didn't do anything for the Ghoul Rush combo though? So that's still going to be just as bad as it is currently... I'd also really like some additional changes besides just damage, such as increasing the hitbox range of the Ghoul Rush combo, and letting us ride on the ghoulsaw with Rip 'n Ride for as long as we want.
  7. I agree. I just want to use it on my Rhino, but it never seems to activate because of Iron Skin. Feels bad man. Changing it to "on kill" would be fine. But really, at this point in the game, with all the flashy ephemeras and wings and sparkling syandanas, they might as well just let it be active all the time. I don't see why it needs to have some special condition.
  8. I just thought I'd make a post to point something out, as I haven't seen anybody else discuss this yet. We recently got Galvanized mods and new Merciless, Dexterity, and Deadhead mods added to the game. These mods have increased the total possible amount of base damage for guns, and made it easier to get that base damage. People are aware that this has diminished the value of mods such as Serration or Hornet Strike, as well as riven mods with the base damage bonus. What I haven't seen anybody discuss is that this also diminishes the value of Chroma's Vex Armor, as that also acts as base damage for weapons. I've done some calculations personally and they suggest that Vex Armor is now roughly half as effective as it was for damage. The exact number will depend on your weapon build and power strength, but regardless, it is a significant loss in ability power. Chroma's already been in need of tuning for a while. Vex Armor is a pain to build, a pain to maintain, and is easily wiped out by resets or nullifiers. His first and fourth ability are both fairly useless. This new issue further adds to the problem. By no means is Chroma terrible — there are much worse frames in the game, like Hydroid. But still I'd like to get some eyeballs on this issue.
  9. I wonder if part of the reason for the low stats is because it's been in the works for years and years and years. Maybe before the melee 2.999999 changes when all the melee weapon stats got buffed? It's probably using low stats based on an old system because they forgot / didn't think about it, like usual. Either way, I want it to be buffed. It's such an awesome looking and unique weapon that would be fun to use if it was effective. Buff its stats, buff its hitboxes, massively increase the number of ticks, and let us ride on it continuously.
  10. I agree with you about the head spinning being awful. I wish they'd change it. I also agree with you that giving feedback is pointless. I used to be optimistic and enthusiastic about it, but over time I've learned that they don't care and it's really a waste of your time, physical energy, and mental energy. They won't listen and nothing will change.
  11. Agreed. Separate button for Melee Heavy Attack, which pulls out the melee weapon if it isn't already out and then immediately uses the heavy attack. Separate button for Gun Alt Fire, which pulls out the gun if it isn't already out and then immediately uses the alt fire. They should also let us hold the regular melee button to attack continuously, instead of causing injury to players by forcing them to mash the key repeatedly, or otherwise forcing players to use auto-fire macros.
  12. Agreed. It really should let you ride forever. That would be fantastic.
  13. Same reason we still have these awful restrictions with archguns (cooldown, reduced aim glide, no melee), as well as no arcanes, no exilus mods, no Galvanized mods. They forget they exist / don't care about them.
  14. No feedback is worth posting. DE won't care nor listen.
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