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  1. After spending some time playing Sevagoth, my conclusion is that he really is just slow, clunky, and awkward to play. I'm incredibly disappointed as I was pretty hyped and excited for Sevagoth, and he looks pretty awesome. But in terms of gameplay he's pretty terrible... Gloom is his only good ability, and that can be subsumed onto other warframes anyway. Reap is very slow, and feels awkward and clunky to use. We generally don't stand around aiming in this game, and instead are very mobile with jumping around and firing from the hip, so Reap does not seem to mesh well with Warframe
  2. I too wish for Loadouts 2.0. Aside from the heavy weapon, archwing, and necramech, there's also the operator's appearance config which includes arcanes (important for Eidolon hunts). I'd also like to see loadouts changed to a separate load vs save system. What I mean by this is instead of "switching" to a specific loadout, and then having any changes you make automatically saved to the loadout, I'd instead prefer that you "load" a loadout and any changes you make are temporary until you "save" it back to that slot or any other slot.
  3. I think the primary weapon Trumna also has this, although it's not quite as long. It is annoying. I'd like this to be fixed.
  4. Reposting as it's been a month and these bugs still exist, and are still not on the Trello board, meaning they're apparently not known bugs despite being so immediately obvious upon playing Zephyr.
  5. I'd really like this too. I'm in the same boat. I just can't justify using anything other than a rifle because I need that sprint speed bonus.
  6. Here's a tip for you if you're struggling with energy: infuse Spectrorage on your Vauban, and use the Spectrosiphon mod. Infinite energy for you and the entire team when combined with Vortex.
  7. I don't. If you read my post again, you'll see the explanation for how I avoid that. Vortex is Vortex because it works through walls. There are plenty of other grouping abilities that require line of sight. Use those if you want line of sight instead of trying to destroy Vortex by making it the same as all the others. For me, Vortex is more efficient and more powerful than those other grouping abilities specifically because it doesn't require line of sight. It grabs more enemies because it doesn't require line of sight. Most of those extra grabbed enemies still get grouped together b
  8. It seems outdated to me. Every weapon should be balanced and viable. Weapons should be balanced by their base stats and not by riven mods.
  9. Are you asking for Vortex to be nerfed such that it requires line of sight to function? Please no... That's what makes Vortex Vortex. It's one of the big reasons why I enjoy playing Vauban. If you want a line of sight grouping tool, why not use one of the many that already exist? Larva for example. You could even subsume that on to your Vauban if you wanted. Vauban also has Tether Coil which requires line of sight. Tornado is a terrible grouping tool as it has very low pull range (even after the minor buff) and is not affected by ability range. But if you like it, great. Play Zephyr
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