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  1. I'm more hyped for Gauss than I've been for any frame for a long time. Please release him soon. Don't make us wait for Grendel.
  2. Bugs: Please fix Cloud Walker turning off sprint. It's very frustrating having to turn sprint back on manually, over and over and over again. If I hold the jump button before activating Cloud Walker, I do not get any vertical movement. I have to release the jump button and press it again. This is a frustrating input issue and I would appreciate a fix. Feedback: Please increase the up/down movement speed of Cloud Walker, to make it consistent with the horizontal movement speed. Please make Cloud Walker's speed affected by sprint speed mods. You claimed that we wouldn't want it to be any faster, but that's wrong. I do want it to be faster. Please bring back the old Defy. This new one is terrible. While you have made the frame more fun overall with the fancy new Cloud Walker, it is now largely even worse than before as you've crippled the one good ability that Wukong had - the one ability that nobody wanted you to change.
  3. Bugs: Melee slams during Cloud Walker are messed up. They partially work but cause a glitched state, when they should either not work at all, or should work properly and cancel Cloud Walker (preferred). Sprinting is always turned off after exiting Cloud Walker. Feedback: New Defy is just terrible. Please change it.
  4. Calm down there, Satan. But actually this would be pretty cool.
  5. This makes it sound as if you changed it, so that ranks 4 and 5 have an increased effect (instead of having the same effect as rank 3). But instead, what you actually did was removed ranks 4 and 5 entirely. This does not match up with the quoted wording. Is this intentional? Is it a bug? If this change is intentional, then are you going to refund people for the lost endo and credits, or are they all out of luck?
  6. As I understand it, for the full Melee 3.0 you're redoing all the attack combos and what not. That sounds great to me, as they're sorely in need of improvements. But while you're at it, can you please consider dealing with the special case of nikanas? Nikanas are different from other weapons as they have sheaths. We can purchase different holster positions that change the position of this sheath, for fashion frame. The problem is that all three nikana stances seem to be based around "Iaido", the style of attacking from the sheath and placing the weapon back in there afterwards, and as a result the warframe always holds the nikana and sheath at the left hip regardless of holster position. In other words, we can pay for fancy holster positions on the back of the warframe, but as soon as you "equip" the weapon it goes back to the left hip, which just looks stupid and disappointing. I just want to pull my nikana out of the sheath, leave the sheath in the custom holster position on my warframe's back, and just swing the nikana around. Basically like how single swords work. 😞 So while you're going over all the stances and reworking animations and what not, could you please please please give us some kind of fix for this? Here are some suggestions for how you might solve this: 1. Changing at least one of the stances (probably Decisive Judgement) to not use Iaido style. 2. Just give us a brand new nikana stance, where the nikana is drawn and kept in hand. 3. Allow us to equip single sword stances on nikanas. While these stances are in use, the sheath stays permanently in the holster position, and only the blade is drawn. I know other people must want this as well. A quick search shows older archived threads of people asking for it. Maybe now is the time for it to finally happen, with Melee 3.0 in the works? Please? https://forums.warframe.com/topic/686367-a-nikana-stance-that-shows-the-actual-blade/ https://forums.warframe.com/topic/245892-non-iaido-nikana-stances/ https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/8t6pba/will_we_ever_get_a_noniaido_stance_for_nikana/ Especially with the popular game Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice being all the rage now, I want to get my shinobi fashion frame on. Come on guys. 😞
  7. No change for the Atlas deluxe weapon skin? You accidentally made it for sparring weapons instead of fist weapons?
  8. But why...? Wouldn't it have made more sense for it to be a fist weapon skin? You know, since it's for Atlas (the punching frame), whose signature weapon is a fist weapon?
  9. You buffed the Ogris and now nerfed it again. Will you be refunding the items we all used to upgrade the Ogris?
  10. While some Loc-Pins seem to be out of bounds ("lost to the abyss above"), it seems like all Loc-Pins have been moved and are no longer in appropriate locations. Could you just remove everyone's PoE Loc-Pins and refund them? I think that would be the easiest and best solution. Then everyone can set them up again manually.
  11. I haven't spent a lot of time on this yet (obviously), but I went into PoE and visually it looks great. Unfortunately, I can immediately see a massive bug... The remaster changes have completely destroyed the positions of Loc-Pins. I literally just built and placed up to the maximum number of Loc-Pins yesterday. Now they're all ruined. Is this going to be fixed? Will I get my build costs refunded?
  12. I'd like this too. I've always had the same complaint - but actually recently, I've been finding it hard to do finishers when I do want to. I use Inaros sometimes, blind the enemies, then want to finisher them for lifesteal - but instead just kill them with a regular melee. So having a separate button would benefit it both ways: don't do a finisher when you don't want to, do do a finisher when you do want to.
  13. I haven't been running the Exploiter much because I was specifically waiting for this. I just bought a resource booster for the weekend specifically for this. Great. This feels like a scam.
  14. Thanks for the update!
  15. I recently got a Redeemer Prime and have noticed that the charge attacks seem to be getting cancelled by autoblocking. I thought this was supposed to have already been fixed?
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