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  1. Thanks for the update!
  2. I recently got a Redeemer Prime and have noticed that the charge attacks seem to be getting cancelled by autoblocking. I thought this was supposed to have already been fixed?
  3. I believe it would be the latter. I'm not aware of a weapon with those specific stats, so instead I tested on my kitgun: With no mods, the kitgun has 191 Impact and 269 Heat. If I add Heated Charge (+90% Heat), the in-game UI displays 191 Impact and 683 Heat. This means it gained 414 Heat damage, which is worked out by (191+269)*0.9 = 414. The innate element therefore counts as part of its "base damage", along with the base IPS stats.
  4. I think there may be some kind of bug with elemental damage calculations, but I can't figure it out exactly, so I suppose this isn't very helpful. I was trying to compare two different rivens for a kitgun, so I was working on a "Blank Pistol" build. I had Hornet Strike, Barrel Diffusion, Lethal Torrent, Primed Target Cracker, Primed Pistol Gambit, Pathogen Rounds, Convulsion, and Primed Heated Charge. I was then putting in my riven numbers, and swapping either Convulsion or Primed Heated Charge with the riven mod. Somehow, Convulsion was giving me more burst and sustained DPS than Primed Heated Charge. I cannot understand how this could ever be true, as Convulsion is a 90% damage mod and Primed Heated Charge is a 165% damage mod. The kitgun I was working with did have innate Heat damage, so I wonder if there's maybe something wonky with how Primed Heated Charge is calculated on a Blank Pistol with innate Heat? I ended up having to use an alternative builder website to compare my rivens, and that website put Primed Heated Charge as giving more DPS than Convulsion, not less.
  5. I also can't melee with my archgun out. I hope this will be fixed soon.
  6. I just encountered this problem myself.
  7. I agree on most points, but why do you need to pull out your melee weapon when you're not going to use it to attack?
  8. Wasn't that supposed to already be fixed in the last patch?
  9. This has been bothering me a lot.
  10. Please do not remove the autoblock mechanic. It absolutely makes sense and fits the flow of the game. Just fix the actual issues with it - it interrupting charge animations, etc. Also, I noticed another bug while playing: I cannot slide or perform a bullet jump immediately after a slam attack.
  11. This is very disappointing and I hope it will be fixed soon. This should not be intentionally left in like this.
  12. I've noticed this as well in a group setting. The enemies zoom around like crazy and slam into walls. I've also found it very difficult to archmelee them.
  13. Some more bugs I've noticed: It is impossible to perform a directional ground slam with the Cobra & Crane. Instead, a projectile is thrown. The only way to perform a ground slam with this weapon is to aim 100% vertically down (i.e. doing an old-style slam). With an Archgun equipped, it is impossible to melee attack at all. If I'm playing Volt and carrying my Electric Shield in my hand in melee mode, as soon as I start aim gliding the Electric Shield is dropped into the air. With only a melee weapon equipped (no guns), once I start blocking it becomes impossible to stop blocking. If I start aim gliding, I can't stop aim gliding. It's possible that this is because I had the "toggle block" setting turned on before the setting was removed. Can anyone else chime in here to confirm?
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