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Is there any source material on wiki or a database archive of an excel spreadsheet of a research article based on a table of a full list of weapons having innate hybrid secondary elemental damage?



Greetings and salutations Tennos!! I have thoroughly searched the wiki and it has only one page related to a table based on weapon comparison and only the basic primary level information is there, but secondary advanced level information about elemental properties is not there. I have been searching for quite a significant period of time and haven't found one page written by anybody. I would be really grateful for your initiative and thank you very much for your kindness in advance.

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As far as I can tell, there is no page explaining exactly what you describe. However, if you go to the pages for each individual damage type, you will see a list of weapons providing it. Take Viral, for example. Scroll down near the bottom to see a listing of weapons:


If you feel that this is insufficient, then may I suggest adding a page in the format you prefer? I am sure that there will be others who will find that useful.

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