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  1. Did you go through Host Migration? Happened to me once, and all Operation Supply standing from before the migration was lost. I have not noticed any lost standing in any of the other runs.
  2. No one at DE promised anything about dates, so take this with a grain of salt. But my personal guess is no sooner than early November, and probably before the end of the year. No sooner than early November because our currently-active bonus weekends are called "Road to the New War", and it runs to the end of October: Before the end of the year because The New War is clearly DE's biggest release this year, and they will definitely want to have it ready by Holiday Season.
  3. 😨 Ooh, yeah, that is indefensible. Sorry, I got confused by this part:
  4. Well, do they own the road? That is, is that portion of the road private property? If so, why would it be unconstitutional to set up a roadblock and charge for it, unless the law specifically forbids private ownership of roads? That's how I see EULAs in general -- until there is legislation to force developers to reserve certain rights for users, and/or unless the service is a basic necessity for survival in that society, EULAs can contain all sorts of weird clauses and it is the user's discretion to accept or decline. Which brings us to my second point. As far as I can tell, most of the changes this time around is to comply with the EU's GDPR and other similar laws cropping up across the world. Despite a small burden placed on developers, these laws a are good thing, IMHO. So if you truly value your rights, then I would suggest that you 1) carefully read all EULAs before accepting them; and 2) if you live in a place that does not yet have GDPR-like legislation (like all of the U.S. except California), make sure you let your legislators know that you would like to have it.
  5. This. DE's actions (clawing back bad plat down the line) are necessary because of money (plat) laundering. If they did not, it would be way too easy to just create a dummy account for the credit card fraud, buy a ton of plat, and then trade it to your real account for something totally worthless. OP, like so many have suggested, the best way to protect yourself is to only make reasonably-priced trades, and to keep a careful record of every step of each trade (including screenshots of the chat log that led to the trade, as well as the trade itself). If you are careful, then the odds of you getting caught up in bad plat should be slim, so just enjoy the game!
  6. Yes, it is based on luck. Keep destroying the Dens, and you will eventually be swimming in them. Good luck!
  7. Would you mind letting us know whereabouts in the world you reside? If not publicly with us in the forums, maybe file a support ticket with this information and the fact that you and 3 other friends are all getting Network Not Responding? DE definitely has servers and CDNs scattered across the world, but most likely not every inch is covered equally. Perhaps by letting them know that it is spotty in your region, they will be willing to look into problems and/or beef it up a bit? Now it could also be your ISP messing with you, as some have been known to deploy throttling technologies against its users. So I would definitely let DE know who your ISP is and send them a copy of your EE.log (not sure how to get this on PS though) so they can troubleshoot the issue.
  8. I think your plan to go for the highest stats is the correct one, but IMHO the element itself doesn't matter too much. The way that I figure it, if I don't like the weapon then I won't use it / perform valence fusion on it, so the element doesn't matter. If I like it, then I will probably want to max it eventually. Since I can pick the element on fusion now, I'll just wait for a "good element" next time. So having tried all 4, I have to say that my favorite is the Agendus, by far. Its Hadouken gimmick (heavy attack) is basically an Arca Plasmor shot, and the only drawback is that it cannot be spammed (a spinning hammer hit will slip between each shot). The Grigori and Livia are okay -- I kept them for now, but am kind of lukewarm about them. As for the Exec... It just didn't groove with me. The Slam Shockwave gimmick was okay, but I don't know if it was the stance I used or what, it just didn't feel very effective. And given the weird double-bladed Gillette closer shave design, it felt more like I was swinging around a Masseter-like Kanabo than a Great Sword. So I sold it. If I were to be perfectly honest, I probably just didn't like how it looked...
  9. Well, there are several things in play over here. 1. Your build looks like it is geared towards high-level, high-armor enemies, but it will not perform quite as well against low-level enemies (basically, anything below Level 100+ Grineer). The reason for this is because half of your mods are conditional -- Condition Overload is weaker than Primed Pressure Point until your target gets three different statuses on them; Blood Rush is weaker than Sacrificial Steel (without a Sacrificial Pressure) until your Combo Counter reads at least 7x (meaning after 120 hits); Weeping Wounds is weaker than Melee Prowess until your Combo Counter reads at least 4x (meaning after 60 hits); Berserker Fury is slower than Quickening until after your second kill. 2. Your build is way too heavily weighted towards one element. So even at max combo's 61.6% (0.14 x 0.4 x 11) status chance, you have a 69% (488 / 705) chance to proc Corrosive (again and again) rather than any other element. Remember how Condition Overload's bonus is per Status Type? Yeah, it doesn't matter how many stacks of Corrosive you have on an enemy, it only counts as 1 for Condition Overload. 3. Twirling Spire is quite a bit slower and weaker than Shimmering Blight. Check their wiki pages for details. Unless you absolutely cannot stand Shimmering Blight's moveset for some reason, that is the most powerful polearm stance to go with. 4. As someone who really enjoys Zaws, I have to say that I did not find anything special about the Plague Kripath specifically. Both Clashing Forest (Staff) and Blind Justice (Nikana) hit faster and harder than even Shimmering Blight. Plague Keewar (Staff) even has a higher Riven disposition, even though it still cannot out-damage a Sepfahn (Nikana). What makes all Zaws incredible is the Exodia Contagion Arcane, which you can get from this event. Make sure you gather 10 for a max-ranked copy. tldr; Get Exodia Contagion. For low level enemies, mod for high Total Damage number. For Steel Path Grineer, you need to spend more time tweaking your elemental balance, probably add (Primed) Reach, possibly add more Gladiator mods, and consider adding a primer weapon.
  10. 我玩的是 PC 版,所以在年底解禁 Cross-Play 之前沒有辦法賣給你。但要交易的話有幾個步驟: 1. 開啟「兩步驟驗證」2FA。這是為了確保你的帳戶安全,所以一定要做: https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360028551411-Warframe-Two-Factor-Authentication-FAQ 2. 我建議你先上 Warframe.market 去搜尋並且了解一下你想買的東西的價格區間。搜尋時,前面當然就是 Wukong Prime,但後面會出現 5 個選項:Blueprint = Warframe 藍圖、Systems = 系統、Chassis = 機體、Neuroptics = 頭部神經光元、Set = 整套 (賣家是全部 4 個當一套來賣)。記得在 "Order Type" 要選 "Sellers",賣家。 https://switch.warframe.market/ 3. 如果在 Warframe.market 上看到中意的價格的話,可以考慮在那裡註冊一個帳號 (他們是由第三方開設的,跟 DE 無關所以需要分別註冊並且從遊戲中傳私訊驗證),再從那邊聯繫賣家。 3a. 如果不想在 Warframe.market 上註冊的話,也可以在遊戲的「交易」聊天室碰運氣。可以打: WTB [Wukong Prime] ##p WTB = Want to buy, 我想買。WTS = Want to sell, 我想賣。WTT = Want to trade, 我想交換。 [Wukong Prime] = 會連結到這個物品。 ##p = 你願意出的價格。遊戲內白金的單位符號一般用 p 或是 pl。 4. 不管用哪種方式跟賣家聯絡上並且談好價格後,他應該會邀請你到他的道場去交易。在別人的道場交易的時候要注意他們的「交易稅」。雖然這只是多一點現金,但如果超過 10% 那乾脆去火星「Maroo 的市集」。一般除非是非常窮酸的氏族否則應該都不會把稅定到個位數以上。 5. 非常強力建議將交易前的對話內容 (雙方的承諾)、交易確認前兩方提交的物品、還有交易確認後的畫面全部都用 F6 截圖保存,以避免日後爭議。在按下確定之前記得再三確認交易內容無誤。
  11. Usually, form follows function for me. But that said, I am a satisficer and not an optimizer. So when a frame meets the minimum requirements to get the job done, I go all ham on the looks. In fact, I found a new appreciation for Yareli since the Ghoul Saw release. Neither are "good", but oh so satisfying when used together. And they're more than capable of handling any basic void fissure missions (especially with a Tenet Envoy as backup -- just don't ask her where she hides it!).
  12. 你有用過「提交請求」嗎?因為在「舉報玩家或駭客」一直都有「舉報 AFK 玩家」這一個選項。AFK = "Away From Keyboard",也就是俗稱的「掛機」。系統還蠻好用的;我建議多用 F6 拍幾張任務中還有任務後的截圖,當作證據上傳。 還有就是,Warframe 有內建的反 AFK 機制。如果玩家超過兩分鐘沒有移動 (即使在開槍殺敵人) 就會進入 AFK 狀態然後停止累積所有經驗、物品等。所有的技能也會失效 (像是悟空的分身也會跪下)。但當然這對只在乎任務完成獎勵的 AFK 玩家大概沒有太多的嚇阻效用,所以還是要靠我們舉報。 最後,如果你有注意到某隻 Warframe 或是武器或是方法可以讓玩家很容易 AFK,那也可以讓 DE (遊戲開發商) 知道 -- 他們最近就因為 Shedu 太容易用來 AFK 所以把它的重新裝彈機制改掉了。這家公司的動作可能不是最快的,但我覺得他們都有在聽並且一步一步的改進... 提交請求網頁: https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/zh-tw/requests/new
  13. Thank you, sir. While I gambled and won, I am sure other aspiring benevolent capitalists will benefit greatly from Director Glast's commitment to corporate sustainability.
  14. 😅 好,我換到了繁中版幫你看了一下: 你有在「鋼韌之道」(Steel Path) 打開「夜靈平野」(Plains of Eidolon) 嗎?要先選擇「鋼韌之道」(Steel Path)、進入「希圖斯」(Cetus)、然後從大門走出去再走回來。Konzu (他的名子沒翻?) 會有等級 100-100 的「賞金任務」(Bounties),但其實都不需要做。大門進出之後要看到「任務完成」,之後再回到船上的「星圖」(Star Chart) 應該就可以打下一關 Eurasia 還有 Everest (都沒有翻?) 了。 還是看不懂的話再跟我說...
  15. 你有打通之前的那些關卡嗎?是不是 Plains of Eidolon 還沒有打開? 通往火星:你有在 Steel Path 模式下去 Cetus 然後進出 Plains of Eidolon 嗎?(Konzu 會有一個等級 100 的 Bounty, 但其實並不需要完成) 通往月球:你打過了 Cervantes 嗎?
  16. Yeah, I'm in the same boat. Now take this with a grain of salt, but it is around 9am on a Sunday over there (EST), so I highly doubt there will be a new Hotfix within 24 hours. If you are or will be ready to rank up in 12 hours and are willing to expend a vaulted bp, then if you start now I suspect you will have a very good chance of making it before the new Hotfix drops next week. I'm betting on it myself right now, and if a hotfix drops in the next 12 hours or so, here's hoping I can cancel before it finishes!
  17. I concur. The only time I attempted to do a second one in a row was because another player suggested it. We got a Host Migration during that second run and lost all the Operation Supply standing from the first run. Now it's always back to Cetus after each bounty.
  18. Actually, whether you strip armor or not, Corrosive is the best. Others have mentioned Radiation in other threads, but the math does not add up. Hemocyte is neutral to Heat so I'm not sure why you would want that unless you've already maxed out your Corrosive? Yes, 4 Hemocytes is easy for us experienced players to solo (I don't even bother stripping armor because it drops so fast with my Corrosive-modded Mausolon). But if you look at OP's profile, he does not have any Necramechs and only has the Odonata Archwing. I highly doubt it would be nearly as easy for him to take on all 4 by himself at the current point of his journey.
  19. Yeah, the animation for Forward + E is great, but the range seems abysmal. I'm actually hoping for a special move (maybe Hold E?) where it can act like Panthera's alt-fire. Add a bit of suction to it so enemies being sawed in half cannot escape, and maybe lock you in one place so it doesn't become too OP'd (will be hard to WASD with E held down anyways). Deal 1/10 of the modded damage but at 10x faster, so you can really see the sparks fly. Guaranteed dismemberment if you kill with this move. Man, that would really make my day...
  20. The Hemocyte is really just Lephantis. Except that you will also be swarmed by small mobs below but can use your Archwing and Necramechs. If you are unsure if you can handle it, why not start by using a single Catalyst with 4 Phylaxis? That should give you a good idea of how difficult the fight is.
  21. Playing with the saw some more, I get this distinct feeling that the Range is a bit lower than advertised. I can't seem to hit enemies unless I'm right in their faces? I'm a bit inclined to put Reach / Primed Reach on it now to see if it handles better...
  22. Despite Atlas Prime's vaulting and both Arbiters of Hexis and Cephalon Suda changing their sacrifice requirements, Perrin Sequence still requires a built Atlas Prime Chassis to rank up to Partner. For consistency, this should probably be changed to Inaros Prime Chassis (to match Cephalon Suda's change) or something similar.
  23. Yeah, the riding is really just a forward sliding attack instead of actually riding the saw like a vehicle. A minor letdown, but I have to admit I was laughing my ass off when I first tried it with Khora and just kept running around spamming Forward + E. There's just something about a small, feminine frame going all Texas Chainsaw Massacre on the enemies with an oversized circular saw...
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