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  1. You realize that Nightwave is optional, right? And that you will easily get to Rank 30 even if you skip all of the "Hard" tasks? Not only that, you realize that this task is cumulative, right? So you will accomplish the task if you kill 1000 total enemies in Steel Path in an entire week, across as many missions as you like? I simply skip the tasks that I do not want to bother with, but realize others might enjoy it so I would never ask DE to remove a task from Nightwave. Also, I got to 400+ by just doing two Steel Path missions today. Given the amount of enemies Steel Path throws at
  2. So after reading some of the recent forum topics and watching yesterday's dev stream, I started thinking about why I favor melee over ranged. I started playing this game with a gamepad on PC, and quickly realized that "Controller Aim Assist" doesn't do anything that I can discern. Eventually, probably around Sargus Ruk or Vay Hek, I switched over to Keyboard and Mouse because I realized that aiming was simply impossible for me on a Controller. Now that I'm starting a PS4 account to play with friends, I find that they follow the same pattern. They start out trying ranged weapons, but quickl
  3. Your only hope is contacting Support. Good luck!
  4. I'm willing to give DE the benefit of the doubt and wait to see how it turns out. Although if the problem is melee being OP'd in Steel Path, why not just add more enemies that are basically immune to melee in Steel Path? Like maybe enhanced Tower Shield Grineers, or even specter-likes that can "block" with their own melee weapon?
  5. Absolutely not. The Void Relic / Prime system is a fine balance between keeping players engaged and playing the game, versus a lootbox system to make money for the developers. If Prime warframes were so special and OP'd that it would completely outclass the vanilla versions, then there would be no reason to run vanilla frames at all. The game would drift towards pay to win, lose its player base, and quickly reach its EOL when the novelty wears off.
  6. How's your standing with Solaris United and the Entrati? Both Catchmoon and Sporelacer are really good Kitguns, and Cedo (MR 8) is a very good Shotgun + Glaive you can get from Father.
  7. I think this post answers your question: In short, yes. A single target can have spores from more than 1 Saryn. But each enemy only has a limited number of spots to grow spores, so they will be competing with each other and have diminishing returns.
  8. I'm sorry, but I do not think you understand that chart you are quoting. Take another long, hard look. See that 2nd line with Steel Meridian (66.6%) Cephalon Suda (33.3%) and Efficiency 88.9%? That is the exact strategy I recommended to the OP. If you look under the "Result" heading, you will see 4 Syndicates being leveled simultaneously, the same 4 I said will be leveled. While one really should not have to rely on a pre-made chart for such a simple deduction, I can see where the confusion might have been. In this chart, "Supporting" seems to imply "directly wearing sigil of". Perh
  9. If you've just finished the Star Chart and have trouble handling Arbitrations and Sorties, then I recommend the following objectives: 1. Do Nightmare missions. Not much harder than normal Star Chart missions, and lots of very useful mods to collect. 2. Make some Dragon Keys and open some Orokin Vaults on Deimos to collect some Corrupted Mods. Again, the missions should be pretty easy (if annoying) to run, but the Corrupted Mods can be useful. 3. Get the Rotation C rewards (usually 4 rounds) from endless missions, especially at higher levels such as Dark Sector (Infested) on Uranus a
  10. Well in that case, I would suggest you keep using and enjoying the Hek but don't dump too much Forma into it. And since you like Shotguns, remember to work on your Entrati rep and check out the Cedo when you reach MR 8.
  11. Well, the main thing going for the Hek is the accessibility (low MR, no syndicate requirement, cheap). That, and the Scattered Justice mod which cannot go on the Vaykor variant. But its drawbacks are quite severe as well: tiny magazine size, long reload, low criticals, low fire rate. So it is a great weapon to get and use early on, but quickly becomes outclassed by the time you reach the end of the Starchart. Incidentally, I still kept mine (due to sentimentality) despite never using it anymore and sold the Vaykor Hek not long after leveling that. I keep thinking I should probably sell it
  12. While I agree that more than 2 will result in a loss of efficiency, if he's already decided on 3 then adding the 4th will not result in any loss of efficiency. Unless you are trying to do Suda & Hexis + Loka & Perrin, or some weird combination with one from each allied pair.
  13. Steel Meridian is always safe, so no problems there. But if you accidentally wear Cephalon Suda when Red Veil's current standing is too low, then you might unintentionally drop a rank with Red Veil. You can always pay your way out of a negative rank, but it is unnecessary if you are careful. So *only* switch to Cephalon Suda when Red Veil's current standing is more than 50% of what Cephalon Suda needs for the next rank, and remember to switch back to Steel Meridian whenever Red Veil comes close to 0 (or in my case, when Arbiters of Hexis is stuck and it's pointless to keep pushing Cepha
  14. When you wear Steel Meridian, Red Veil will gain 50%. When you wear Cephalon Suda, Red Veil will lose 50%. But by keeping Red Veil's current rep at least 50% above what Cephalon Suda needs to rank up, you are guaranteed that Red Veil never goes into the negative and you lose a Rank with them. So, Steel Meridian will level the fastest, followed by Red Veil, then Cephalon Suda, then Arbiters of Hexis. But all 4 can be leveled safely. Coincidentally, this is my current pick. My Arbiters of Hexis is stuck on Rank 3 because I'm missing a Tipedo Prime Handle, but the other 3 are all at Ran
  15. If you're going to target those 3 Syndicates, might as well do Red Veil as well. When in doubt, wear Steel Meridian. Wear Cephalon Suda only when Red Veil's current reputation is more than 50% of what Cephalon Suda needs for the next level. Never wear Red Veil or Arbiters of Hexis as they counteract each other.
  16. The Void missions from Sedna is a difficulty bump that I struggled with as well back I first got there. As others have said, the enemies there have extra damage and extra HP so they are actually much harder than their levels alone would suggest. This is also the point where Warframe Shields become much less useful, and HP and Armor become much more useful. As such, here are a few possible angles of approach: 1. Get a much tankier warframe (I think I got Valkyr), and mod for HP and Armor, plus a good healing solution. I highly recommend Life Strike for your Broken War, if you have it.
  17. This is a new bug introduced in one of the latest updates. For now, the workaround is to go into the open world map directly from the star chart, and the icons will show up properly.
  18. You know? That's actually not a bad idea. A softer version would be a "pick random loadout" button/checkbox when starting a mission (maybe with a small +% to drops, credits, etc.), but some sort of randomized setup would help keep things fresh for long-time veterans.
  19. Oh, that would be great! But I'll be satisfied as long as he has some funny lines when he sees a ship fire. Would even be okay if he refuses to put it out or something...
  20. Honestly, that definitely sounds like a problem on Twitch's end. I would take some screenshots for evidence, and contact support (mainly DE, but maybe Twitch as well?). Good luck!
  21. I just wail on them with melee. Do get lifted sometimes, but they usually cannot kill me before I hit the ground and recover all HP by hitting them some more. But I usually do SP with a tanky Wukong, so YMMV.
  22. From my understanding, you should able to claim it anytime after you've earned it. Although, it might take several hours from when you've claimed it on Twitch to when it shows up in-game. Are you sure the Orokin Reactor Blueprint isn't listed under the "Claimed" section of your Twitch Drops' Inventory?
  23. Yeah, you just have to be patient, I'm afraid. Assuming the timestamp is in EST, mine took 5 hours to arrive in my inbox. Maybe contact support if you still do not get it in 24 hours?
  24. While all these scenarios are great and funny, if I were a savvy advertiser like Coca-Cola or McD's, I would only want my ads to pop up when the player gets a massive stroke of luck or an otherwise celebratory moment. So that would be when you get Rare rewards from Relics (or maybe even Bounties), after you defeat a boss (especially for the first time), when you get a gift from someone, etc. The idea is to associate their brand with positive feelings so people automatically think of their brand when happy and will be willing to pay extra for the surplus enjoyment (jouissance) they get.
  25. Nope, don't do either Twitter or Parler. And thank god, I wouldn't want to run into the likes of you there. Your original question stated that you looked at microSD cards, but could not find one with "enough space to accommodate Warframe" (your words). That's why I found the biggest one I could find, at 1TB to help you out. I made no assumption about what you can or cannot afford, I merely found something for you that you claimed you could not find. As for the stuff about Warframe being "free"? YOU brought that up. And yet you are still mistaken about Warframe being a "free" gam
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