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  1. As a fellow mostly-melee player, let me just say that something to deal with heavy Grineer armor would be very useful. Shattering Impact on a fast weapon, or modding for Slash Procs all work wonders. That and a good healing solution like Life Strike or Healing Return, and you should be good to go.
  2. Even though I probably "use" Daikyu the most out of any Primary, I have to agree with the others that this is not an attractive Riven to me. Why? Because I only really use the Daikyu for Amalgam Daikyu Target Acquired and Amalgam Serration. For the longest time, I didn't even potato it. The only time I whip it out is to shoot out cameras in spy missions because my Secondary is too loud. So I really cannot think of a reason to further Forma the Daikyu in order to put any Riven on it. Maybe someone who actually uses the Daikyu as a weapon can chime in?
  3. Well, the Primes will always be sorted together even as-is, so they were never a problem. The problem is with the vanilla Systems. Since we can only see 6 items at a time, if you have 2 or more of the Prime blueprints the vanilla Systems will always be out of view. Yes, I definitely support even more nuanced organization methods, but this is the simplest fix I can think of for an admittedly small QoL issue.
  4. The main reason for requesting this change is because, since most Warframes have a vanilla and a Prime version, the vanilla version's Systems blueprint will be separated from the rest if you have any of the Prime blueprints. This is the case even if you sort by Type. By adding a dash, we can ensure they are all grouped together and easier to see which parts we do or do not have. This is a simple change to a small problem. For example, in the Foundry right now we see: Ivara Ivara Chassis Ivara Neuroptics Ivara Prime Ivara Prime Chassis Ivara Prime Neuroptics Ivara Prime System
  5. Are you looking for Damaged Necramech Parts, or Damaged Necramech Weapon Parts? The former are dropped by enemy Necramechs in the Isolation Vaults, the latter are rewards from Arcane Vaults. Arcane Vaults can be accessed by completing an Isolation Vault, then getting back to the surface and finding the closest Mother on the surface. She will then have Arcane Vault bounties that send you back into the Isolation Vault you just cleared.
  6. I have to disagree. While a few pieces of equipment are locked behind MR, MR really is not an indicator of progress or how strong you can get. I cleared the Star Chart at around MR7, and did it playing solo. It's all about what mods you have and cherry-picking the pieces of equipment that work for you. OP, I took a look at your profile, and you should be able to clear the star chart at this point with your equipment if you mod correctly. Are you putting the right elements on your Hek and Broken War to target the faction you are fighting? Do you have a good healing solution? If not,
  7. The Damaged Necramech Part drops are not 100%. In fact, they're pretty low, at anywhere from 3% to 11%: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Necramech_(Enemy) I would recommend looking up the resources needed first, and plan farming runs for both the Damaged Parts and the mined minerals together. Even though they upped the rates for Necrathene lately, my guess is that that will still be the hardest one to collect.
  8. The first suggestion I have would be to update your drivers (especially your audio chipset drivers -- might have to check your laptop's manufacturer's homepage). The next would be to defragment the drive Warframe is installed on (only do this if it is NOT an SSD!). Sounds like a rather obscure issue, so you might have to try a few things and see what works.
  9. Thanks! So glad to be rid of the secret defense target assassin miniboss! :)
  10. Personally, I used a Wukong with a Catchmoon pistol and Shattering Impact on my melee weapon. My twin (aka. bait) would strip down the mech's armor as I shoot its arms off. I do need to kite a bit in Tier 3 as it's easy to get overwhelmed against 3 mechs, but 2 is okay. Just need to watch out for Bonewidow's second swing (will get oneshotted without shields) and Voidrig's mines (it's the perfect chance to use Wukong's 3 to counter, though).
  11. I hate to dredge up an old thread, but it's 2021 already and this is still an issue. I just started playing multiplayer, and almost immediately ran into this exact problem. While setting the client to Traditional Chinese allowed the chat messages to display correctly, I've already played more than 1000 hours in English and would really rather not have to relearn all of the obscure terms and item names again. Seriously folks, it's 2021 already. I18n should not be this hard. I suspect merely setting the chat font to a Unicode one with East Asian language glyphs will do the trick (everyt
  12. IMO, Warframe really needs to improve visibility and situational awareness. As such, I propose 3 QoL changes: 1. HP bars on top of all enemies that can be sensed (based on your Enemy Radar range). 2. Outline all loot that can be sensed (based on your Loot Radar range). 3. For enemies within Enemy Radar range but not in front of you, put red arrows to the sides so you know where to turn. This is a beautiful (if chaotic) game. It's a shame that I have to stare at the minimap all the time.
  13. Different tilesets do have different lighting. However, I also noticed that all Void Fissure missions have a sepia filter applied to them and everything will have this washed out / yellowish / old film look. Pretty sure it's intentional as an artistic effect to indicate the presence of the Void.
  14. Like others have said, the slowdown is actually caused by the yellow maggots latching onto you. I found that swinging my melee weapon once or twice clears them, though they are all over the place and more will latch on. So either bullet-jump, mix some weapon swings into your run, or try to clear a path to the fissure before you grab an emitter.
  15. How easy was it to understand the new Operation and what you have to do to succeed? Since I've gotten into the habit of reading the wiki first, it was okay. Probably would have been very confused if I didn't, though. Especially when the Resonators spawn in practically hidden locations. How was using a Necramech in a “normal” tileset? Clunky. Really, really clunky. Situational awareness was already poor in this game; it's much worse in a Necramech. I keep getting stuck/caught by walls and enemies because I just cannot see them through my mech. Keep having to do th
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