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  1. Okay, this piqued my interest. I know that Atlas' Landslide is affected by your melee weapon's mods, so that might explain why a Dragon Key gimps it. But aren't Excal's Radial Javelin and Ash's Shuriken just flat damage scaled by Ability Strength? Why are they affected? Is there a rule to the madness, or is each ability affected differently by the key?
  2. Read up on her abilities and test them out? https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Octavia#Abilities_ Make sure you try her 2 and notice what happens to enemies when they get in range. Add 1 to the mix and see what happens then. Her 3 and 4 are also useful for other stuff, but her 2 + 1 is some of the best crowd control in the game.
  3. Haha, just got too much time on my hands these days... Well, your new build does hit a lot harder, but as you probably noticed, will take longer (about 2 seconds) to reach max stacks of Corrosive. But it will also add stacks of Heat, which will further chew away at the armor and deal ticking damage, which will help. To be honest, for a Secondary the Aksomati Prime is already pretty good. It's just that at really high enemy levels, it becomes harder to kill enemies with just a Secondary weapon, especially one that is Crit-focused and single-targeted. So if you really do not want to
  4. Quests and MR aren't really tied to each other, so let's talk about them separately. If you do not want to do any Quests, do you still want to clear the Star Chart? Get access to more mods, frames and weapons? Factions? A small handful of quests are required for each of these, so you can definitely choose what you do not want and skip those. For MR, you should know by now that you gain extra loadout slots, void trace storage, base mod capacity, etc. on each rank up. If you do not mind not having these, then of course you do not need to worry about raising your rank. By MR15 you
  5. So I crunched the numbers a little bit, and @-CdG-Zilchyis absolutely right. Here's roughly what you can expect from each build: For the first build, you can probably expect to reach the max 10 stacks of Corrosive in about a second of continuous shooting. After that, you will be dealing max damage against your target at 80% armor reduction. Unfortunately, at Level 101, Heavy Gunners have 6,500 Armor, granting them 95.6% damage reduction. 20% of that is still 1,300 Armor, granting them 81.3% damage reduction. So taking each IPS + Corrosive Damage type, multishot and crits into account
  6. Thanks for the heads-up! Yep, it is highly unlikely / too unwieldy to wait for maxed Viral procs from the primer alone, so a weaker Viral on the melee bleeder will definitely speed up the culling!
  7. Okay, I think some clarification on why people mod a certain way is in order. First of all, I see that you've started on the Steel Path. Am I correct to assume you are finding the (Grineer) enemies there incredibly tough to kill? And so you are now looking to further optimize your build so you can kill them faster? If so, then it helps to first understand why they are hard to kill, and as a result, why people mod a certain way to deal with them. The Grineer on the Steel Path are incredibly hard to kill because they have incredibly high armor, negating most of your damage. That is it.
  8. If you need Aura Mods, click on the "Nightwave Intermission" banner on the lower right in your Star Chart. By completing Nora Night's Acts, you will sometimes earn "Intermission III Cred" units, which can be exchanged for useful stuff, including Aura Mods (click "Cred Offerings" in the Nightwave screen). You will always see a "^" in front of the Capacity Cost number of an Aura Mod, indicating that it increases your mod capacity. Nora's store changes every week, so save some Cred units and check back next week if none of them catch your fancy.
  9. On the PS4, there are two ways to engage "Operator Mode": R1 + L1 Press down on the Touchpad Like Zilchy said, this is just version 1. Keep playing to get version 2.
  10. I kind of did this with Limbo's Theorem, but once I built the completed Limbo and reactivated the quest, it completed successfully. My guess is that the game checks your inventory to see if you have fulfilled the current or future requirements. If so, then it zips you forward to completion. But if you sold or subsumed Mirage, then you might be SOL. In that case, I guess you'll have to get her parts (or at least the Chassis) from Simaris and rebuild her...
  11. If you click the tiny "Password Requirements" text, it will expand and tell you what their requirements are. IIRC, it is something along the lines of: 1 Lowercase letter 1 Uppercase letter 1 Number 1 Special character 8 characters or more Yeah, I'm not going to remember this password, so I guess I won't ever log into iGames again?
  12. Can confirm, this does work! Thanks @Tesseract7777! The password requirement for iGames is insane, so I guess it will just be a throwaway account...
  13. Forget Vala's hair, have you seen Eudico's eye lashes?! They flutter like... Seaweeds or something! When will we get her creepy eyelashes, DE?
  14. Oh yeah, the "don't call me a child" lines during The War Within were incredibly cringe worthy. Maybe it is to show us that the operator still has a lot more growing up to do? But yikes... Well, if you look behind the operator's pod, you'll see that the seat is elevated, enough to fit lots of plumbing underneath. Also, there are these white tubes that feed back up to the top, plugging in around the operator's head-height... (Spoiler: The operator is the Auto-Human Centipede 😨)
  15. Having played too many JRPGs and consumed too many 40k storylines, I always imagined the Void to represent the collective subconscious and unlimited potential of humans. And as a manifestation of that, Wally is basically the abyss gazing back into you, which explains why it looks like you and knows about you. But I admit, him being an actual human who fell in earlier could be a refreshing twist to the formula.
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