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  1. A quick tip diagnosing Host Migrations: If only the host is gone, then the host dropped. If you are the only one left, then you dropped. So it definitely seems like a network issue on your end given the symptoms you are describing. I would start by rebooting your router. If that helps, then do that whenever these problems start cropping up in the future. If not, then we might have to start looking into either your Xbox or some other connection problem upstream.
  2. Carrie approves. Yeah, I agree a reformed Eidolon would suck for Gara. "Thanks for blowing yourself up, Gara! You bought us a few millennia of peace, but guess who's baaack?" Though now that I type that out, I guess it isn't that bad? It has been a while since the Old War, and Gara's sacrifice did buy the Ostrons many, many generations... So are you predicting the Duviri Paradox to come with the New War update? I would be very pleasantly surprised if they released so much content all at once! I kind of expect the New War to resolve the Lotus situation and the Duviri Paradox as the next step to confront the Man in the Wall, but it would be very cool if your guesses are right!
  3. Then I guess you'll have to test it yourself. Or find someone to have cared enough about a 6.25% difference to have tested it out, especially when field conditions will easily override the results. If you do decide to go down the former route, I would suggest taking a video instead of using a stop watch as otherwise your hands will not be fast enough to operate both and you may not catch details such as enemies staggering out of attack range causing you to miss. Also probably find the slowest weapon and do not mod for speed, in order to magnify any possible speed differences.
  4. To estimate this, you can check the wiki page which lists the combo hits and time to execute: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Astral_Twilight https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Gleaming_Talon Assuming you are just doing basic "not moving" combo, it seems like Astral Twilight will generate 10 hits in 4.25s, whereas Gleaming Talon will generate 8 hits in 4.3s. But if you are doing the basic "moving" combo, Astral Twilight will generate 5 hits in 3.4s, whereas Gleaming Talon will generate 5 hits in 2s. So basically, I would say they are about the same and you will not notice a significant difference either way. Just use the one with the hit angles that you are comfortable with.
  5. https://www.polygon.com/22596238/warframe-new-war-railjack-steel-path-interview-tennocon-2021 Polygon: Will the New War transform any existing in-game content that may be outdated or difficult for players to navigate, like the Plains of Eidolon bosses? Rebecca Ford: The New War does not aim to address the difficulty of existing content. There are some content types that could use a logical refresh (Invasions?) but there’s nothing to confirm there right now. It will be changing one system for sure, but to be honest the spoilers [for the quest’s story] are severe and I can say no more. So which system is it? Eidolons? Will we see a Voltron moment with Terry, Garry and Harry combining to reform as its former self, and will this be the new Grand Boss of the Plains? More importantly, what is its name, and can it still have a real -arry nickname?
  6. MqToasty

    Where hotfix?

    Intermission 3 is ending tomorrow with "Nora's Choice" starting up, so what's the point of this?
  7. What monitor are you using? And can you even tell the difference between 60Hz and 120Hz? Even if you are using a monitor that supports a higher refresh rate, unless your ping time to the Host is less than 16ms, what is the point?
  8. Once you've finished the Starchart, you will be ready for a few pieces of content that will provide better mods and access to more equipment. Just off the top of my head: A. Arbitrations and Sorties: There are some very nice mods to be found in Arbitrations, and Sorties provide rivens and boosters. B. Open World Factions - Cetus, Orb Vallis and Necralisk: The bounties here provide some very good mods as well as access to more frames and weapons. C. Railjack - This is kind of another system altogether, but provide some pretty good stuff. Probably leave it for later, after you've done plenty of A and B. D. Steel Path - This is basically Hard Mode on New Game+. Leave this for later. To answer your questions specifically: 1. I would first focus on A, B and other mission types you have not played enough to collect and rank up the more important mods. The mods are much more important than the actual pieces of equipment in this game. 2. Nope. Weapon MR requirements aren't really all that important. While some weapons are absolutely better than others, the correlation between usefulness and MR is weak. 3. Since each Forma takes 23 hours to build, I wouldn't worry too much about grinding for it. You will eventually be swimming in Void Relics, and once you reach that point, it's just a matter of cracking some every now and then to collect the blueprints. Well, unless you want to build your own clan like me. Then you should start collecting Forma blueprints early as every clan room requires a Forma.
  9. Let me guess: you are trying to max (or have already maxed one of) your Umbral mods? I suggest you take a close look at the Endo and Credit cost for each rank and how much you gain from each rank. If you are still aching for Endo and Credits, then it is probably not worth it to get them up to Rank 10 as the cost is exponential while the benefit is marginal. Stop at Rank 6~8, and they can also fit on non-Excalibur Umbra frames that do not have 3 Umbra polarizations. Same with the two Umbra melee mods, even though they are less useful on other melee weapons.
  10. I got mine in about an hour? Is it marked as claimed on your Twitch Drops page? If so, send a screenshot of that to Warframe support. If not, then I do think you are SOL.
  11. Solo'd everything with Wukong. Had to get lucky with the Survival mission and got down to the wire with the Defense mission, but it worked out in the end. Probably should have went with Hildryn or Revenant if I had them on hand, but I did not at the time. Enemies will take a while to kill, so weapons and abilities with CC effects will be helpful (IIRC, I brought a Proboscis Cernos for my Wuclone, but it's probably not the best option if you plan to use it yourself as you would run out of ammo). My only gripe is that it seemed like a lot of work for a rather underwhelming frame. But some people seem to really like Grendel, so YMMV.
  12. Personally, I can understand why DE locks unique items behind all game modes. Players need some sort of incentive to at least try each game mode several times and give it a fair shake. At the same time, I can understand how some game modes will simply be more popular than the others. But the problem with DE's strategy right now is that, as soon as I'm done farming for that unique item, I stop playing that game mode. I don't have any incentive to go back, unless I totally enjoyed it. So my suggestion is that, instead of hard-coding each mode into a tier and adjust the rewards that way, why not make it dynamic? Perhaps each week DE can compile the previous week's play data and add modifiers to the neglected game modes? The modifiers should probably not apply to any of the unique items, since players farming for those are already locked-in, but by boosting Affinity, Credits and Resources gained, certain game modes could get a boost as they become more profitable.
  13. Yeah, I recall being mostly alone towards the end because no one else wanted to stay for Rotation C. Had to juggle the motes a bit, but Wisp has more than enough energy to do that, so it wasn't a real problem (until Ancient Disruptors showed up, but it was still manageable). I guess? Though I honestly did not find it to be that painful. Obviously this is subjective, but I found the Khora farm to be 10 times worse.
  14. Wow, I'm surprised to see how passionate people are about this game mode. I might have just gotten lucky with it, but I do not recall Defectors ever getting stuck, and found it to be pretty trivial with Wisp and strategically placed motes. Now, it is far from my favorite game mode and I will only play it for the rewards, but I do not recall the farm for either Ash or Harrow parts to be particularly painful or memorable in Defection...
  15. I'm pretty sure the Mastery Rank Comparison is no longer updated, even though some of the other stats are. Try again next year?
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