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  1. As any experienced player will tell you, the mods matter more than the weapon itself. I would even go as far to say that, for melee weapons, the Stance Mod matters more than the weapon itself. So tell us, what is your playstyle, and what mods do you have on your weapon? Which Melee Stances have you tried and liked, and which ones can you not stand?
  2. Ash 的零件藍圖之前狂躁 Grineer 會掉: https://warframe.huijiwiki.com/wiki/狂躁Grineer 但最近被搬到銳捷號的防禦還有生存任務的 C 輪獎勵 (也就是每打 20 波的防禦、或是每 20 分鐘的生存)。系統藍圖在金星毗鄰星、頭部神經光元藍圖在海王星毗鄰星、機體藍圖在冥王星毗鄰星。在防禦任務得到藍圖的機率都比生存任務的好: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Ash
  3. Yeah, I was going to suggest they saving their EE.log, but then saw the PSN in their username... DE really should add an "export log" feature to consoles.
  4. Next time, take a video - there's a dedicated button on your PS controller. Might not be too late if you are still in the game and just happened.
  5. This. You can quite easily solo both Tetalyst and Ropalolyst with a 111, and you do not need to kill or capture any Eidolons to get it. The game is very manageable if you take progression one step at a time and do not try to skip ahead. Plus, remember that you will have to get and rank up a 1xx Amp eventually for the MR, so it's not like you are building something totally useless.
  6. This. They cannot do it because it is a significant investment without a convincing increase in future revenue. Remember that DE is a wholly own subsidiary - their owners paid good money for them and did so expecting them to keep turning in good profits. Personally, I would prefer DE to keep up the profit margin and use it to bargain for continued design autonomy. It would be too easy for their owners to take that away if their profit margin plunges due to a move towards dedicated servers.
  7. In light of Darvo's latest communique, I would place my money on Clem because he is apparently much smarter than he appears. Either that, or the clone rot is setting in and we're about lose him for good. 😢
  8. I recommend checking warframe.market to get a rough idea on the price: https://warframe.market/auctions/search?type=riven&weapon_url_name=acceltra&polarity=any&sort_by=price_desc Although, Status Chance is totally useless on the Acceltra, and you do not have a harmless negative, so you'd probably want to find one that is in similar shape for comparison.
  9. 好,首先要了解的是這個「多重射擊」的數據怎麼看。它的意思是,當你每扣一次扳機的時候,至少會射出整數 (2) 發的子彈,然後有餘數 (0.4) 的機率射出再多一發子彈。所以你的 2.4 表示每扣一次扳機會有 40% 的機率射出三發子彈,60% 的機率只射出兩發子彈。當然這是「激昂膛室」的「擊殺時」特殊能力發動之前。發動後機率會提昇,甚至到保證三發,有機率射四發。 是啊。但你為什麼會認為你的赤毒沙皇只有射出一發?我建議你先到 選項/界面 打開「傷害數字」,再去中樞 Simaris 的幻影裝置生出一隻比較耐打的。朝它開一槍,然後算算看你看到幾個數字跳出來。調整一下你的 mod 把 多重射擊 降回 1,然後再試一次。要了解為什麼就算 多重射擊 是 1 還是會看到這麼多數字,請看沙皇的介紹 (附錄中有解釋炮擊模式的運作方式): https://warframe.huijiwiki.com/wiki/沙皇 打蜘蛛有些人會建議 Chroma 是因為他可以藉由受傷提高自己的傷害輸出。但這並不表示他的存活能力有多好。我不知道你放了哪些 mod,也不知道你靠什麼補血,但如果你只有提升他的技能強度就想要靠怨怒護甲存活的話,那在鋼韌之道被秒殺非常正常。還有,Chroma 的怨怒護甲本來就不是一個很好的存活技能 -- 畫面上顯示的只是護甲提升的上限。除非你有超過 1138 的護盾讓敵人打掉,否則護甲根本加不到 966%。 https://warframe.huijiwiki.com/wiki/Chroma 其實所有的 Warframe 在鋼韌之道上都有辦法存活,只是你怎麼配置然後怎麼玩而已。不同的 Warframe 主要適合不同的任務種類,如果你有特別喜歡用但覺得用不順的,請分享你用了哪些 mod,怎麼玩,如果是我會用的 Warframe 可以再給一些建議。
  10. 1. 所以左邊顯示的「多重射擊」是多少? 2. 嗯,赤毒布拉瑪的多重射擊是很明顯。但你為什麼會認為赤毒沙皇只有一發?
  11. Since this thread already has the Spoiler tag... The thing that constantly gets me is Eudico's "grass in the wind" eyelashes. I don't think DE invested too much effort into the Evolution Engine's handling of hair, which is somewhat understandable given how little of it we have in the game. As for the monochrome Excalibur model, that's just the default placeholder model while your system is loading -- you will also see it on Open Worlds and Relays as you spawn in and see other players. I do not see it on my Operator, though. Maybe I just don't have enough cosmetics on my Operator so my system loads her model faster than I can see? Well either that, or the others are right and we're all just turning into crabs. Would be quite a sight to see Eudico's head spout legs The Thing style and run out of her chest...
  12. This. While it is hard to find the perfect color, setting Mesa Prime's Tertiary to Cherub (7, 4) works well enough, IMO. You'll have to check the natural tint on that skin's part and try each color to find the best fit for yourself, though.
  13. Basically what everyone else said. DE, having created this game, has a monopoly on built Warframes. Players can only sell Warframe part blueprints, necessitating a 3.5+ day waiting period unless they are willing to pay DE for a speedup. This policy is consistent with other pieces of equipment as well. Even for blueprint-less weapons bought from Baro, you can only sell them if you have not used it yet. That said, you are absolutely free to sell a Warframe If you truly no longer want it anymore. I think DE pays anywhere from 10,000 to 25,000 credits for each?
  14. If you are the true owner of this account, then only Support can help you. Although without any other way to prove your ownership, I suspect the account may be lost to you. I sure hope you left a way to recover the email account, as that seems like your best hope at this point...
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