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Backward-facing spawns and system-forced camera reorientation

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This is annoying and not a new issue. Not my sure what causes it, but it'll pop up most often with boss cutscenes, specifically Phorid. You'll run into the boss room to face it, trigger a cutscene...get deposited facing away from it as if to flee the room.

This gets even more annoying (Lv2) with spawns or camera reorientation. The first can be a spawn-in OR respawn -- I got both today, dropping into a mission facing away from my destination, and earlier respawning after slipping off a bridge in sortie 3 -- the respawn happened in the Jupiter tunnel with a bridge, and I didn't realize I'd run the wrong way till I exited the tunnel at least 100m back. I should note that the waypoint system being funky of late does not help this one bit.

As for camera reorientation, idk if this was actually addressed, but this old issue would be your first clue that folks were about to join -- your camera would go off-axis, which was especially frustrating if you happened to be moving as this could terminate archwing dashes ans bullet jumps, Looney Toons-style. Abyss not necessarily included.

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