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Making Warframes More Fun Part 1: Nidus


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-Ok, before I get to the cheese of this topic I want to let you know this post is nothing more than the products me fantasizing about a world where every warframe exists in its most perfect (and enjoyable) form in my opinion.
-It is NOT intentionally calling for any form of direct value buffs to the frame or saying that it needs any but simply some major QOL tweaks I personally feel these warframes need to let the true potential of their own power fantasy shine without being unbalanced in any way and just be more fun overall.
It is also labeled as "Part 1" although I may or may not have the motivation to release any more of my brain juice (and hopefully look at Octavia, Nekros or Chroma next).

Now on to the main topic.
Here's what Nidus has:

  • Power scaling
  • Highly reliable Tankiness  and survivability until you reach one shot territory due to lack of shield gating (which is a relatively long road ahead either way).
  • Amazing and worthwhile skill synergies
  • Identification as one the most balanced and well designed warframes in the game IMO ignoring his unfortunate but avoidable loss of value in the current meta.

What I think he needs:

  • More mobility to keep up with the natural fast pace of this game and avoid losing 80% his value as a warframe while being obligated to parkour by the mission/enemy spawn rates/dumb teammates etc...
  • The ability to not restrict your own teammates mobility in order to buff them.
  • Being able to cancel all his movement restricting abilities when needed.

How to give him what he needs:

  • When casting his parasitic link on an enemy he Is now able to just drag their body long with him instead of cancelling the skill outright and massively restricting his mobility, especially on low range builds where it is arguably most needed.
  • When casting parasitic link on an ally and they leave its range it stays active for a few seconds and glows to let the teammate and Nidus himself know so they have a window to get back into range of each other if they decide they want to so you don't randomly waste a stack by accident of your own or your ally who has absolutely no idea what your range even is unless told.
  • The ability to scale even further without the need for an augment, as having to reach 100 stacks is a highly unlikely, limiting and unreliable play style in mission types which aren't endless with lots of reliable enemy spawns (hoping your teammates don't constantly nuke the map first regardless), the augment should instead let his stacks increase even faster like only needing to hit 3.5 enemies instead of 4.
  • When moving out of the range of his infested ground it follows him as a smaller and/or weaker trail leaving behind the original maggot infested ground for teammates or for Nidus to return to for more healing.
  • Being able to cancel movement restricting ability casts by dodging to also avoid getting one shot in higher level missions and not considering an ability cast to be more of a risk than a benefit.

Again this is all just my own opinion and Id love to hear any critique or suggestions.
I'm not expecting DE to make any of these changes actually happen but I'd like for them to at least know these options do exist.

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