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Hotfix Mission Breaking


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So, today I learned that if DE releases a Hotfix, and you're not the Host when extracting from Disruption Missions, that you lose literally everything you earned. I just finished a Disruption mission, and by finish I mean I was forced out and given NOTHING for my efforts. After around an hour of Disruption farming, we began to extract, some of us got to extraction first. I had not yet made it when the first person extracted, which happened to be the Host. When the Host Migration occurred, it tried to put myself (and my other squadmates) back into the mission, but was DENIED because you 'cannot enter missions until you restart your game' after a hotfix. We. Lost. Everything. This was around 10+ Axi relics (including the G6 that I was desperately farming), tons of Carbides and Cubic Diodes, tons of credits, and every other type of resource you can get on Apollo, Lua. Because of this extraction flaw, three people were completely- ahem, forsaken of our spoils.


You can probably tell from my writing that I am less than thrilled about this outcome, because time is precious and the Axi G6 relic has a terrible drop rate. I'd call this one serious bug. Oh, I also have a game clip of me losing everything to this bug, though I'm not sure how I can post that here.

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