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  1. Ghouls bounties award nitain. Ghouls come every 6 weeks or so.
  2. No Zylok has returned as Baro offer, Athodai will also return some day I believe.
  3. I pugged Deimos bounties (mostly T5) and I believe your 15 min Latrox stage was bugged. Drone is hard to keep, yes, and usually it dies, full team or solo, but whole T5 takes 15-20 min to complete, at least on PC.
  4. Welp almost any Deimos bounty stage is easier if doing it solo (except like 2 that do not scale with player count).
  5. Ive noticed two issues: 1. Daughter token shop has "Hide Owned" checkbox, its kinda does not belong there. 2. Only Father token shop has filter by token value/expiry date. Every token shop should have this filter.
  6. Welp maybe wording is not very clear there but as for me, this means that primary fire is some "life-siphoning" mode and alt fire is "heavy flamethrower with surprising range". While you can think of flamethrower being a weapon shooting a short beam/cone of fire, IRL modern flamethrowers are RPGs/mortars that throw a capsule with napalm at a target, this is much more efficient. And Cortege alt fire kinda does the same. Problem with Cortege is not in lost functions but in its misleading description. IMO DE should change two things - merge these two quoted sentences, and maybe rename
  7. Just stood near big patch of frostleaf on Pluto as client and Oxylus was blind to it. DE pls fix.
  8. Looks like spear select button is unbound.
  9. It could be something else, end of mission screen was there after returning to the orbiter but no top left squad icons to leave the squad. But others managed to leave. Also forgot to mention chat was also gone.
  10. Nah knockdown is much better than elec proc, it opens mobs to ground finishers.
  11. After returning from the mission Ive lost top left character icon, top right creds/buffs info bar, navigation bar and nightwave button, also all planets on starchart lost nodes. I run new beta engine btw.
  12. Also got this bug twice yesterday with new beta engine and contact shadows on, alt-tabbing fixxed it. But in my case everything remained black even when I returned to the orbiter.
  13. I cannot see my credits and platinum not only on Esc, but virtually in any menu including Foundry and Market. Also no info for remaining void traces in Relic Station unless I choose a relic. Going to the Relay fixes cred/plat thing for a while, doing a mission hides them again.
  14. Welp Meg said there will be one change to the new EoM screen. DE will remove Type filter because "Importance filter does it better"
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