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  1. My orbiter has set Wear and Tear at 0 but Navigation part near windshield has paint tears, I think these appeared relatively recently. Tears appear nowhere else. Also paint there has slightly darker shades than nearby unweared parts, but maybe its just lighting tricks.
  2. It works but not for new Sentient enemies (or any Sentient maybe).
  3. Acolytes do not spawn in archwing missions. Many (if not all) Kuva Fortress nodes, half of Uranus and some Earth nodes are marked as AW missions even if you do not actually fly/swim in AW form. I think it's an oversight and wasn't intended.
  4. While riding necramech I've noticed that loot containers do not spawn if I move far enough from last location where I was in warframe form. Only changing to warframe causes containers to spawn again, I see loot marks gradually appearing on minimap. This happens in Cambrion Drift and Orb Vallis, not sure about Plains.
  5. Thats still a thing. Especially it hurts Neptune disruption where all rewards are credit caches. DE pls fix.
  6. End of mission screen has set search field to active, ie any keypress goes there. Doesnt know if this is a bug or UI change, but its very annoying. DE pls fix.
  7. When Saturn Sabotage Enceladus switches objective to Exterminate several things occur: 1. Killcount still displays "Machines Destroyed", ie 17/85 Machines Destroyed. 2. If you find and destroy actual mining machines Lotus says mission complete and Go to Extraction is displayed w/o waypoint. At this point you cannot actually extract, you still need to do enough killings, only then Lotus will say mission complete again and waypoint will appear. This bug happened to me several times since June in Lich controlled Enceladus missions. Dont know if it happens in normal Enceladus node.
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