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ForGu, the Forrest Gump-Inspired Warframe


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I haven't been as active as I once was recently since I've been binging Nioh, Nioh 2, and Monster Hunter Rise. So I'm taking a break to revisit an old concept of mine, the Forrest Gump Warframe. I've had some time to think/work on his abilities, and here's what I got:


Name: ForGu

Passive: Dumb-Fu

When he has no melee weapons equipped, he uses his own sparring animation/fighting style, inspired by real moves in drunken boxing. When he uses firearms, an animation will be randomly triggered where his weapon jams and he looks down the barrel while pulling the trigger, doing one "bullet" of damage to himself but restoring his energy by the same amount.


First Ability: Klutz!

ForGu lays down a special field that causes whoever enters it, whether friend or foe (including ForGu), to slip, slide, and fall down (with funny animations for players to watch). If they are Warframes, the player controlling them loses control of them for a second or two as they slip and fall.


Second Ability: Butterfingers!


ForGu emits a special pulse that causes all in the area, whether friend or foe, to drop their firearms and resort to melee for a limited time. If there are Warframes that don't have melee weapons equipped and don't have "backups", like Garuda, they temporarily gain the ability to use ForGu's Dumb-Fu.


Third Ability: Dummy!


ForGu uses the Void to create green Targets that fly around the battlefield, getting in the way of both friend and foe. If friends attack them, any statuses they are suffering from is transferred to the dummy. If an enemy attacks them and depletes the dummy's health gage before time is up, it explodes, and any enemies are afflicted with blast procs, as well as any statuses that any Tenno had transferred to the dummy.


Fourth Ability: Special Brew


ForGu uncorks his gourd flask and takes a deep drink from it, leaving him vulnerable to attack, but making his first three abilities more powerful and less "effective" on allies. If his fourth ability is triggered before the buff wears off, he triggers a massive "breath weapon" similar to Chroma, but instead of damage, its bad, "booze" breath, knocking down all enemies in its range and immobilizing them due to barfing and opening them to ground finishers.

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