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Syndicate operator cosmetics


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With incoming new syndicate armors and emotes i really think it would be great to improve the operator fashion and the syndicate shops by adding some operator cosmetics to them. An example of how this would look is already in the game in the form of arbitration eye and ear cosmetics for operators in the style of Arbiters of Hexis.

Also this can go further than simple eye/mouth/ear cosmetics. You could have syndicate hairstyles to chose from. Naturelike style with flowers and vines from Newloka, Corpuslike (Vala Glarios hair?) from Perrin Sequence, edgy emo hair from Red Veil etc.

Unique syndicate helmets and maybe even entire operator armor sets would be a great additions to the game and would help ground our operators in the world with a lot of different, unique armor/cosmetic styles.

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