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Wrong time measurement during missions


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Since the last update i noticed that the time i spent in the orbiter is added as mission time you can see in Tab menu inside a mission, for example, i left the game open in my arsenal for a few minutes and when i started a new mission farming murmurs i noticed that the mission duration time was wrong, like 12 minutes (the time i left the game running) added for no reason. Sorry if my explanations are vague since english is not my first language.

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Thank goodness someone else is running into this. I thought I was blacking out in the middle of missions or something. My 15 min Steel Path survival runs are turning into 40mins because I was watching a Youtube video while sitting in the orbiter.

Another aspect of this bug is that the mission time frequently gets reset to '0s' under "LAST MISSION RESULTS" when you return to the orbiter.

  • Reproduce: Sit in the orbiter, Cetus, Fortuna, or the Necralisk for an extended period of time, then run a mission and check the timer mid-mission.
  • Mission: Any. Screenshot is immediately following Steel Path - Assur, Uranus
  • Squad: Solo
  • Screenshot: Incorrect Mission Timer
  • Frame & Build: Any

Edit: Happened again in today's sortie 2 mission (4:21PM EST Aug 4, 2021). Screenshot This mission lasted less than 5 minutes, but the mission timer added the +25 minutes I'd spent in the orbiter prior to the mission.

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Dang, I felted it was just me, but yes is exactly as you say the time spend in the orbiter is added instead of just start at 0 every mission :/
Hope they can fix it, Before I was thinking I was really slow in the arbitration missions 15 waves 35 mins xd

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This also occurs in a different way, sometimes upon opening the "mission progress" menu it will instead be reset to 0s I've noticed. It also seems to sometimes reset upon entering a portal in Sanctuary Onslaught it seems to reset (though that may be the former issue too).

In general it seems to reset at random, sometimes during a mission, sometimes at the start of a mission like it's supposed to, sometimes after finishing two missions.

With the number of threads about this in the last few weeks I'm amazed it still hasn't been touched in a hotfix.


(Or I would be amazed, if this wasn't the modus operandi for years even with massive mission-breaking bugs like the Fortuna spy console bug)

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Bug always happens 100% of the time when: Orbiter, complete mission, orbiter for longer then 1 minute, then start mission. This always add the time spend in orbiter in view mission progress and ending the mission. When returned to orbiter, going to last mission results is "0s".

Bug does not occur when in Relay or Dojo Navigation to start mission, but now mission time add the amount of time spent during loading screen to start mission as part of mission time counter which is about 12 seconds for me.

Edit: I guess this could possibly affect a Nightwave challenge, complete capture mission in less then 90 seconds, harder to complete with mission time bug. Harmful to slow loading computer and the slower HDD consoles like PS4 / Xbox one.

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