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Good subsume for gara



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Unless I misread the wiki, the damage added to Splinter Storm from the explosion of Mass Vitrify is not affected by the number of enemies Mass Vitrify affects.

On the off-chance that I'm mistaken on the above, I assume you mean the Pull ability from Mag?  Mag's Pull just applies a physics-based jerk to enemies, so most of the time they won't end up grouped together at any given point, which I assume is what you want.  I'd recommend either using Nidus's Larva or perhaps Zephyr's Airburst instead for this sort of thing, if they work with your build.

But since I don't think this will have the effect you're looking for, I'd suggest something different.  If you really want to build Splinter Storm faster, I'm guessing Roar would work for that.

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