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  1. A solid number of Warframes already look like they're going bottomless. Is it a Lovecraftian kind of bottomless? Absolutely. But frames like Rhino, Trinity Prime, and Wukong show that there's nothing down there that DE isn't willing to take a stab at.
  2. My take is that trailers that can genuinely capture a mysterious vibe stick in our brains. If we have questions, we hunger for answers. And it's easy to forget that the answers to those questions are never even half as compelling as the unanswered questions themselves. If you forget that fact, you can get stuck in a certain kind of hype. It reminds me of the cinematic teaser trailers for Death Stranding. Regardless of how anyone feels about the game that eventually followed, those trailers were captivating. But they were never, ever going to translate the vibe of those trailers into the game itself, because unlike a mysterious trailer, a game needs coherent mechanics that the player can understand. I'm also guessing that some amount of the hype is due to just how vague Duviri is. If there's something you wish was different about Warframe, it's easy enough to think it might show up in Duviri, just because Duviri could be pretty much anything. Is it a wise place to put your hopes? Not at all, but people will do it all the same. And finally, to be fair, even in its vagueness Duviri did look like it had the potential to add something new to Warframe. What will that be? Horsie rides? Gun teens? I dunno. But seeds were planted, and I'm not surprised that people are eager to see what grows. But for most people it's probably healthier to just forget about Duviri until it arrives.
  3. If you want the devs to see this, you should put it in the feedback forum. As for the suggestion, sounds like a change that would be positive. It's not always going to result in an ideal aesthetic due to the way different frames and weapons use different color channels, but I imagine it would be good enough for the kind of person who is content to use the auto-color options. That said, the hardest part would be designing the UI for this. I imagine that part of why DE hasn't already implemented something like this is that an automatic system like this would result in a lot of frustrated players who are confused as to why they can't change the colors of their items, etc. The manual system will never have that problem of giving players enough rope to hang themselves.
  4. FYI, a while back DE updated the UI to actually show Augment scaling adjustments. If you have an Augment equipped and there's a part of it that scales, you'll be able to see the scaled stats by hovering over the specific ability in the modding screen. So if you already have the mod, it's easy to check. But in case you don't, as BansheePrime said, it does not scale. But I can also say that Ember is one of my most played frames and that 15% chance is way more than enough to keep you very capped if you have Arcane Energize equipped and decent Efficiency.
  5. This isn't a flaw in the game systems, it's a flaw in your strategy. Just kill the enemies in the area before luring the critter and you'll be perfectly fine.
  6. You might not be able to measure the precise maximum, but you could probably figure out what the maximum rate is post-Fire Blast. That said, the answer would be more for the sake of trivia than anything practical, as it's very easy to get to a heat rate that maxes the gauge less than a second after a Fire Blast.
  7. DE has said that the sheathe was made during the initial design of the Paracesis, because the artist forgot that heavy blades don't use sheathes. This is why it can't be used on the weapon. But the team thought the sheathe was so cool that they wanted to put it in the game somehow, so they made it a decoration. Anyway, if you don't like it or don't think it's worth the price, you have the option to not buy it. But good luck on your attempt to neg the devs into lowering the price on this item - which "a kid with crayons could do better" - that you very clearly want.
  8. Since you're asking this question on the Warframe forums, the answers you're getting will be biased, because the people here already play Warframe on PC's or consoles. If you're already playing Warframe and you like it, you are not the target demographic of the mobile version of Warframe. The mobile version isn't worth the cost of development and maintenance unless it can bring in a whole bunch of new players. Those players won't be on the forums right now, and hence won't be able to answer your question.
  9. While they haven't changed it, DE has openly admitted that the cost of the Hema was a mistake. That being the case, it's not really a good metric to judge anything by. It would be like judging your yearly income based on whether you were a millionaire yet.
  10. PS4 user here, and I don't see any changes to my colors. My only guess might be that maybe you haven't played since they updated the Orbiter design? The new Orbiter has dimmer lights in the Arsenal area, making them appear more muted, but once you step out of that area you'll see that your colors are actually the same.
  11. This is incredibly helpful, I would have missed some of this if I hadn't been pointed to it. Thanks for the generous effort!
  12. Doesn't it already have an icon in the corner that shows you whether you've made it or not? Or am I thinking of something different?
  13. That's a big bummer accidentally picking the wrong item; I feel for how frustrating that must be. Sorry that happened to you. On the bright side, I can tell you that none of those weapons are worth fretting over. Some of them are neat and have fun gimmicks that you might enjoy, but they are far from mandatory to play any of the game's content. You'll be able to find many other tools that can do the same job, and odds are it will do that job even better. That's part of what I think makes it fine for these items to be part of the login bonus system; the weapons are fun bonuses, but they're not necessary to play and succeed. For logging in, I'm not sure how long it takes on PC, but on PS4 it takes maybe 5 minutes for me to login once a day. It sounds like you're pretty busy, but if this ends up being important to you I'm guessing you can spare 5 minutes.
  14. Haha, I can't tell to what extent you're goofing but "hyperbole" basically just means "exaggeration". :)
  15. OP said there was exactly one rewarding drop pool, I said that was hyperbole. Feel free to critique that if you want to, because you have yet to do so. If your next reply isn't in good faith, I will simply wish you well.
  16. You know what, I don't care how much Warframe you play, no amount of gaming will make you a loser. I'd rather you just focus on being the best person you can be, and if you want to spend your spare time in the world of Warframe, that's cool beans. Love thyself, Tenno, your hobby is valid.
  17. I do think it's a bit wild that Merulina can't be modded. Nightwave challenges and open world races treat Merulina as a K-drive, and Venari is capable of being modded. Merulina is a weird exception to the established pattern, though being different doesn't innately make it a bad decision. But considering all of the interesting customization that could be added to Merulina with the mods that are already there, I find it odd that this is the way things are. I honestly wonder if DE just ran out of time and it ended up on the cutting room floor.
  18. ...you do know how you acquire Yareli's blueprints and all of her parts, right?
  19. You sure just put a whole lot of words in my mouth. I commented on the hyperbole and nothing else. Please take my original reply literally.
  20. Buddy this says so much about you, and it's not damning or anything but it ain't great. I promise that if you let yourself like things that are colorful and fun you won't be any less of an adult nor will your gender change. The full breadth of the light spectrum exists for everyone's enjoyment. <3
  21. Once you actually take a step back and stop assuming that you're the "good guy" and that the people you fight against are the "bad guys", it becomes clear that the Tenno are just another faction like the Corpus, the Grineer, and the Infested. We do some very bad things. We are the protagonists, but we are by no means "good".
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