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  1. It doesn't sounds like you actually logged in though? If you didn't I don't think that's "working" 😉 But I guess it depends what you meant by "first screen"...
  2. I highly recommend going full ergo. Switch to an ergonomic keyboard, switch your mouse hand to your left hand (maybe even a vertical mouse), and make sure you stand up and stretch periodically. I have some wrist braces I use while I type at work all day, and it's amazing how much better my wrists feel. Also paying attention to your posture. Get some lumbar support in your sitting situation, even if it's just sitting up straight with a pillow at the base of your back. It's amazing how the stuff you do for the rest of the day can be what's impacting you most while you game. Conversely, if you just let it get worse...well trust me, it gets so bad you'll be thinking about giving up gaming entirely. Good luck!
  3. Can't get past the screen where my Warframe is kneeling right before you login. Tells me "Login failed. Check your info." 2019. in the lower left corner. I've tried restarting entirely, but no dice. Sad that I probably won't be able to get my daily login today :(, hope it gets fixed soon since inability to login is one of the bigger bugs. 🙂
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