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Khora Whipclaw Melee Stat-Stick Help



Pretty new to Khora, pseudo-exalted weapons, and modding in general. I rolled a nice riven for my Prova that I'm using for Khora, but I don't really know how to mod it efficiently.


This is my current build. (working on maxing out the mods rank and getting Primed Fever Strike) I don't know if I should add critical chance, I also heard that for Steel Path, a slash based whip is better, but since my riven has toxin, I don't know if that's viable . Any help would be appreciated :)

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That's pretty much the build. Just work on upgrading your mods and replacing them with better versions like Primed Fever Strike.

Do know that the Prova isn't exactly a great weapon and isn't going to scale very well with your build, so it's not going to be of much use on its own. If you want a good weapon to use as a stat-stick and as a good melee weapon then look for one with a fast base attack speed, good range, and good hybrid crit/status stats. You also want one with a good, fast stance that's comfortable to use. There are a lot of them out there that will scale well with the same build and be a reliable backup weapon for you. The Disposition is also good to have, but I've ridden my Dual Keres from 1.48 down to 1.1 over its many Disposition nerfs and honestly the Disposition isn't all that important. The difference between my Dual Keres Riven yours is "only" 470k DPS: 1.53M vs ~2.0M. Is ~25-30% damage worth giving up for a melee you can actually use? For me it definitely is.

20 minutes ago, Z0DI0 said:

I also heard that for Steel Path, a slash based whip is better

You can make a Slash build with the right Riven, but I don't like them personally. It's really specialized, needs the right Riven to get the best performance, won't work on certain enemies, and Whipclaw will be more than capable of killing anything you're likely to face with the build you've already got. Viral or Corrosive are fine for SP unless you're planning to stay for hours on end, and idk why you even would anymore.

Your ideal Riven for an elemental build is Damage, Crit Damage, and Elemental Damage so on that front you're pretty much golden. Heat is probably the ideal element so you can run Viral/Heat or Corrosive/Heat but Toxin is fine too. I've got basically the same Riven but with Electric and a different negative, so I've gone for Gas-Electric which is low-key really strong; AoE procs work really well with Ensnare and I regularly see 300k damage Gas clouds being left behind after an enemy gets killed. If you wanted a Slash build I'd just get a new Riven.

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