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Sleight of Hand made ceiling laser hurt Mirage in new corpus ship tileset


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1) As per title, I started to play mirage again while doing sisters in new corpus ship tileset. I noticed that when I use sleight of hand with augment, it made a electric generator of sort to pop out from the ceiling (never see this popping out before when using other frames) and the electricity it produces hurt mirage. 

Is this normal or is it a bug? I thought sleight of hand w/augment should made things from environment in aid to mirage instead?

2) In corpus venus tileset, when using sleight of hand w/augment, the section of the tileset I am presently in, will go into alert without corpus activating it. If use the ability again, it will 100% go into lockdown. 

Again, is that normal or is it a bug? It is the 2nd instance that the ability is doing mirage harm instead of helping her.


EDIT: I'm now convinced it's a bug. I'm doing kuva siphon in grineer ship tileset and as soon as I use sleight of hand w/augment, the section where I am at, went into alarm twice consecutively and resulted an immediate lockdown.

Ok this next time it went straight into lockdown, no alarm twice....

I'm guessing the augment must have somehow made the game trigger the alarm n lockdown with the mine explosion.

Please fix the bug, else using that augment is like asking for self-lockdown.

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Control Consoles attract a nearby enemy to attempt raising the alarm or initiating lockdown. After a short delay, the console malfunctions and explodes dealing 200 DmgBlastSmall64.png Blast damage to its user.

That is from wiki. So if true, then it is quite... trolling isn't it? The ability should aid mirage like the laser barrier became friendly etc. So control consoles should deactivate during the ability's duration too, not make it activate lockdown instead. Same goes for those electric thingy on the ceiling, they should be deactivated.

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