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Hemorrhage not correctly applying slash (maybe?)


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I saw the mod hemorrhage and immediately got excited for what it could do for heavy impact weapons like the Akbronco Prime. Weirdly enough after hoping into the simulacrum to test see builds I noticed that on secondary shotgun weapons it doesn't count the individual slash procs that multi-shot creates, thus only creating one measly slash proc from one proc out of 19. I don't know if this is how the mod is intended to work on shotgun secondaries but it's extremely weak if that's how it's meant to function. It does however work fine on faster firing impact weapons like the Twin Grakata. 

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11 hours ago, NinjaZeku said:

Just to clarify, you're talking about a situation where you had 19 Impact procs?

No, sorry for the wording it was past my bedtime. 19 total projectiles were fired. I did a little bit more testing just to be sure I wasn't getting unlucky with hemorrhages 35% chance to cause slash on impact proc and after 150 shots it still seems hemorrhage can only activate once per shot regardless of multi-shot. Hopefully that makes sense.  

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