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An idea on parvos sisters for the next update.


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2 minutes ago, JooJoodee said:

I hope we can have Tenet exergis and some corpus melee variants( Arca Titron, Ohma I suspect) for the next update.What do you guys think?

I am sure DE will add more Tenet weapons in the future, that's 100% guaranteed. Next update? I don't know. Pretty sure the next update would be about Nidus Prime.

About the Tenet melee, probably best if DE sort out the whole holokey system before adding more melee weapons.

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I wouldn't be against it, but I imagine we'll have to wait until Infested liches, like how more Kuva weapons only appeared once we got Sisters of Parvos, maybe we'll get more Tenet weapons when infested liches appear. cna't wait to reduce the chances of getting the Tenet weapon you want even more... unless DE decide to just lump them all behind holokeys.

Exergis would be a cool choice, as well as Arca Scisco and Titron. wouldn't mind a Tenet Ferrox, IIRC it was originally mentioned as a possible Tenet weapon, but didn't make the cut. 

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